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Dorothy Stone
Join Zacciah & Dorothy
in this powerful transformative program
in evolutionary consciousness and
World Healing Service
This program is offered in the beautiful
Main NewsBank Conference Center
Chester, VT 
Saturday - Sunday
November 11-12, 2017
Limited Housing available
Zacciah Blackburn
 Prior Experience w/ Zacciah is Mandatory to participate in our Advanced Studies programs
If you found yourself on this page, and have interest, please contact us for information or look here.
General Information Logistics  *  Cost and Registration  *   Location & Directions 

Our Continuing
 Heaven and Earth Series:

The Voice of Light
Continued Advanced Studies with
the Sidhe, and other Holy Aliies
  of the Earth & Sky Realms


We are resonant beings.
We are Luminous Beings.
We are Beings of Consciousness, and Life Force,
Light and Sound.
These intertwine to create our life, and patterns within our life.
The harmonics involved when one comes into resonance with the inner dimensions of unity and coherence,
is a brilliant and inspiring (revelational) experience. 
When one gives voice and meaning to that experience, coupled with one's clear intentions,
one activates the doorway of our potential as Creator Beings.
When we truly affirm our own inner state of unified consciousness,
we are at peace, at one, in collaboration with All Life.
It is truly a place of universal harmony.
All Life can then, also, collaborate with us.
It takes no effort, only our own inner knowing,
and claiming it is so.
We are Rightful Heirs to our own Divinity.
Let us take our place.

World Service
When we come into community with other living beings,
our fellow neighbors and companions of Light and Life,
we accentuate that harmonic of creative potential.

Let us gather as a Living, Vibrant Community,
in Service to Life,
and give our voices of Light to the manifest World.
In this way, our collective intentions will instantly spread through the Matrix,
attenuate & inflame the hearts and minds of others of like Soul, of like Purpose,
and inspire them
through our blessings and offerings,
 to enter, to entrain, to our Temple of Understanding,
our Temple of Wisdom,
our Temple of Being,
to awaken all ready to take part in this path
of Universal Wisdom and Being.
It is time.

May it be so.

Dorothy and Zacciah will guide us, as a group, in exercises to awaken both our Greater Self,
and collective Heart and Mind, to enter and sound the Stream
of Universal and Unconditional Love and Wisdom, for all beings.

It is time we renew, and awaken and revitalize the Earth.

We ask you to bring your heart and songs, drums, bowls, gongs, and other sound instruments to this practice.
We anticipate more group voicing in this practice.
(There is limited room, so please let us know of any especially large instruments
or large number of instruments you may wish to bring...)

General Information Logistics  *  Cost and Registration  *   Location & Directions

Advanced Level Studies,
Main NewsBank Conference Center
352 Main St
 Chester, VT 

Saturday - Sunday,
November 11-12, 2017
Housing available 

We invite you to our next level of Advanced Studies, November 11-12, 2017 (Saturday through Sunday.)
This is a private invitation, and a private page not available to the public.

The Advanced Level Studies have been a remarkable vehicle of accelerated learning and being, for those participating, as the group is composed of hand selected participants who have shown themselves adept at entering this work.  The 'group mind' that occurs through common focus creates an accelerated field to enter heightened states.

We welcome you into our next program.

November 11-12, 2017 (Saturday through Sunday)

Program times:   10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday
                                9:00 AM - 3 PM on Sunday

(via PayPal here, see other options below this table)
The cost of the Program and Housing are separate.

 Program Cost Housing Cost
Lunch Cost
Register and Pay

  • After Aug 1, $350.
Housing will be in either the Balch or Nickels House. Housing is shared double rooms, with mostly shared baths. Please purchase at the time of registration

$50.  Sat night, per person in shared room

$80.  Fri & Sat night, per person in shared room
        (Let us know if you wish to share a room with
        someone else in the program.)

A simple lunch, both days, with choice of soup and salad or soup and sandwich, simple dessert, coffee, tea, bottled water,
locally catered.
Lunch Sat & Sun is our only option. Please purchase at time of registration.  This is offered as a service, at or below our cost.

Lunch both Sat & Sun

Room Cost
Lunch both Sat & Sun $30.00
This allows a peaceful flow to stay close to the Center, or have a mindful walk, no concerns over waiting in town or travelling.

  • Please add costs for rooms and meals accordingly for any of these other options for registration.
  • ONLINE:  You may either follow the Paypal links to register above, or you may register via this link for secure on line registration,
  • MAIL OR FAX:  you may print and mail or fax in this form with appropriate check or credit card information.  
      • Fax  802.674.9586
      • Mail:  PO Box 389
      •  Ascutney VT 05030  USA
  • EMAIL:  You may contact us by e-mail with your contact information, and we will contact you for payment.
  • PHONE:  You may call our offices Mon-Fri 10:30 am til 4:30 PM ET to register with credit card.   802.674.9586
  • PAYPAL DIRECT:  You may send payment with or without a PayPal account through this link. 
Call our offices 
  • Monday-Friday, 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET
  • PHONE:  802.674.9586
We are a registered Adult Continuing Education Provider with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC).   
VSAC adult ed. funding may be available for qualified residents of Vermont.
Similar funds may be available to residents in other states.
***Finalized Arrangements with VSAC are accepted as payment for services.  

***Registration, once payment is accepted, is a commitment to attend, and Follow All Guidelines
Registration and Cancellation policies do apply.

Lodging is not included in the cost of the program
These are the options:

  1. Commuters are welcome
  2. You can web search inns, hotels, or motels, in the area.  Chester is a unique town with wonderful shops, restaurants, etc, and quality inns, motels, and hotels within easy walking distance of the Center.
  3. We offer limited rooms at convenient pricing until filled.**
    1. We are able to provide a shared room in one of several multi-bedroom houses in Chester for reasonable fee.  Most rooms have twin beds.  You have full access to kitchen, living room, shared bathrooms.
    2. See prices above.
For rooms in town, search the area, or, see 
  1. http://www.chesterlodging.com/  for local lodging, or
Go to our accommodations page for some of our recommendations:
       (These are not all up to date, and some are closer to Ascutney than Chester, so check location.):

Water, snacks, coffee, and tea are available throughout the program. 
      (Feel free to bring a snack to share!)

See our simple lunch choice option in the PayPal buttons above, Sat and Sun lunches combined for $30.  We can add this cost to your registration submitted through other means, above.

We are surrounded by numerous choices for cafe, restaurants, and delis.

 We recommend you arrive early to find parking, settle in, socialize and enjoy our storefront of books, CD's, essential oils, and Musical Instruments and Sound Healing tools of the world
(see http://www.sunreed.com for many of our selections.)
Location and Directions

Place:      NewsBank Conference Center
(This is the Main New conference center)
352 Main St
Chester, VT  05143
 Sign in front of building
Enter through the front doors, program is upstairs.  

Handicap accessibility, elevator available.
Conference center, Chester, VT

Get Google Map Here

Driving Directions to The NewsBank Conference Center

Chester, VT

  • Chester is located 10 mi off Rt I-91, exit 6
  • 11 mi from Springfield VT,
  • or approx 15 mi. from Londonderry, or Ludlow, VT
    There is adequate parking behind the Conference Center off of Senior Circle (see map), adjacent to the builidng, or across the street, behind the NewsBank main offices, off of Cobleigh St., across from the Center
  • Enter through the front doors, and go upstairs.  Handicapped accessibility, elevator available.
  • . Map is below!
Driving Directions:

From I-91 N or S, and most points East, South, or North:
Take Exit 6, Chester, and turn onto Route 103 North toward Chester
(From Bellows Falls & Exit 6 I-91):
At the intersection of Rt 11 (toward Londonderry,) bear left onto Rt 11, and continue into the center of Chester.  The Center is on the right just after the small green in downtown Chester.

From Rt 103 South Bound (From Ludlow) and Rt 11 (South,  From Springfield) :
From 103 or Rt 11 south, upon entering Chester, there will be a T intersection at Main Street.
Turn Right at the stop sign onto Main Street, if on 103 from Ludlow.
From Springfield, turn right onto Main St (103 here), but, at the intersection of Rt 11 (toward Londonderry,) bear onto Rt 11, and continue into the center of Chester.  The Center is on the right just after the small green in downtown Chester.

From Rt 11 East Bound ( From Londonderry, Manchester, Upstate NY):
Enter Chester from the West.
Route 11 becomes Main Street in Chester.
The Center is on the left just before the small green in downtown Chester, which would be on your right if you continued straight.


For further information & additional workshops contact
Zacciah Blackburn
The Center of Light
PO Box 389, Hidden Glen Road               
Ascutney, VT 05030 USA
Phone: 802
-674-9585;  Fax: 802-674-95856
E-mail:  admin@sunreed.com

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