Explorations within the Sanctity of Bear

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Explorations with the Sanctity of Bear, with Zacciah

Bear Medicine is the Heart of the Sacred Feminine, and the Power to Stand in Oneself.
After a lengthy hibernation, a winter of deep sleep and subtle exploration of the inner worlds, the "Looks Within" place, it is time to emerge, to immerse in the brightening and warming light of the eternal sun, to take our place of power in the world, ally with the inner kingdoms, with the kingdoms of our heart, to find resolution with the shadows of our den, and make preparations to re-enter the outer worlds, to live in the world again, to enliven ourselves, to live in harmony, with an open heart.  To find nourishment, and jubilation, celebration, and community.

Come and walk with Bear, dance with Bear, ready to play again, in ceremony, in community, in ecstactic states of Spring.

This is applicable to the greater collective of humanity, and to the higher realms of consciousness.
As it is time for us to Emerge Collectively from our Cave of Consciousness, the Era or Darkness within All Humanity, to re-enter the heightened state of Aliveness, of Awareness, of Awakening, to Grace.  To Our Divine Selves. To move from the "time of looking within," to what the Incan descendants call this "Time of Meeting Ourselves Again!"

Come and join the explorations.  Come and re-emerge!

Tentative Dates:  March 24-25, 2007, Burlington, VT
Cost:  $195.  $175. if paid by Feb 15.
Contact:  Raphael Saul:  raphael.saul@gmail.com

We are moving into spring, we have passed the cross calendar days of Imbolc, where Brighid's fire is lit, the energies of the Earth are stirring, and soon the sap will run, buds build, and the snows will be melting.  Alreeady you can feel the warming of the sun, even on these coldest of winter days.
Many of our companions will be rising from their state of hibernation.
It is time, also, for us to emerge, to come out of our place of stillness, of introspection of the winter days.  We are stirring from our place of the Feast of Dreams, ready to bring them forward, and to manifest them.
Both individually, and collectively, it is time to come forward, to renew, to regain our strength and greater Illumined awareness.  To stand ready in our power, and the fullness of our Sacred Being.  To bring forward that we have been Dreaming.  And manifest our SACRED DREAM.
In this spirit, working with the sacred medicines of Bear, the Sacred Heart, and the Sacred Feminine which Bear represents, Zacciah offers the latest in his body of work with Bear Medicine. We shall find that place in which we may emerge, in the open heartedness of our being, yet standing within our true nature and power.

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