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Infinite Possibilties
Love is All You Need--simple reflections
New Programs, November, February
School Of Sound Healing
September 6 day retreat, W. MA. or
First Year, Level 1
Ottawa, Canada, 2017-2018
Just a few spots left!
SEPTEMBER 19-24, 2017 
Leyden MA
Our only Sound Healing Training in the US in 2017, is nearly full!!

Sign up soon to guarantee your spot!
Sound, Healing and Consciousness
A special 6 day retreat, in Leyden, MA

All Information Here
This is an in depth study into the nature of sound, healing, Consciousness.  We will richly explore the nature of sound healing, and the use of sound instruments and voice, and what is called sacred sound and intuitive sound healing practices, as well as the nature of healing and its inter-relationship with human consciousness.  This is currently the only sound healing training scheduled in 2017.

   All Information Here
School Of Sound Healing
Level 1
Ottawa, Canada, 2017-2018
We are offering our Full Year Level 1 School of Sound Healing program this year in Ottawa, Canada, beginning in October, 2017, and continuing through July, 2018. This is part one, in up to a three year program in the therapeutic application of sound. The is an excellent program for beginners who would like to gain an strong foundation in the use of sound, instruments and voice, and for experienced sound practitioners who would like to deepen their practice or professionals in other fields whom would like to integrate sound therapy in their existing modality. Come join the community! Please see here for more information, including dates and costs.

The Voice of Light
November 11-12
Advanced Practice
Chester, Vt, 2017

Zacciah's next Advanced Level Studies program is offered in Chester, VT, November 11-12, 2017, at the Main Newsbank Conference Center. Substantial prior experience w/ Zacciah is required to participate in our Advanced Studies programs.
If you have interest in joining our ongoing programs and community of advanced level students, please contact us for information, or look here

If you are new to our programs, we recommend you join us in the September sound retreat or February consciousness practice, listed in this newsletter, and at our calendar on line.

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Just a few spots left!  SOUND HEALING RETREATSEPTEMBER 19-24, 2017  Leyden MA
WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE:  School Of Sound HealingLevel 1Ottawa, Canada, 2017-2018
The Voice of LightNovember 11-12Advanced PracticeChester, Vt, 2017
New Program Open To the Public,The Nature of Healing and Self-RealizationFebruary 11-12, 2018Chester, VT
New 8-CD Set Now AvailableThe Therapeutic Application Of Sound as a Healing Modality
 Love Is All You Need
Sunreed Mother's Day Promotion10% Off All Chimes and Bells
Zacciah in Europe, May, June
Advanced Studies Program, Nearly Full:  Heaven And Earth, Entering The TempleJuly 21-23rd, Ottawa, Canada
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New Program Open To the Public,
The Nature of Healing and Self-Realization
February 11-12, 2018
Chester, VT
Through this first public offering of Zacciah's 'consciousness' work in over 2 years. Zacciah will guide us through the root origins of the nature of healing, transformation, and self-realization. In most wisdom schools of the world, the understanding of the true nature of the Self, Who We Are and Why We have Come, as spiritual beings, is fundamental and foundational to our understanding of, and attainment to, true healing....
New 8-CD Set Now Available
The Therapeutic Application Of Sound as a Healing Modality
We have recorded what Zacciah has often considered one of his best four day workshops focusing on the therapeutic application of sound with instruments and voice. This is a full four days that goes into the use of crystal bowls, Native drums, Tibetan bowls, voice techniques, and many other instruments, as well as in depth meditations, exercises, and lectures on the nature of sound, healing and consciousness.  Excellent for novice and practitioner, who want to begin or add to their current practice, for individual or professional benefit.

See our new article on Honoring our Mothers here.
 Love Is All You Need

It’s been said a thousand times, a thousand ways before, but love is all you need.
We can speak forever about the healing process, the nature of reality, of the self, and look and look for the pathway of our own evolution. But, in the end All is Love, Love is everywhere, and we need but have it to realize it. Without love, we are lost children in the wilderness. Without love, we cannot grasp it, the simplicity and beauty of it.
Please don’t under estimate the power of this simple but time honored insight.
Its wisdom is carried through the ages, because it is real, known, understood, and implemented as the foundation of the fabric of the universe, of all being, of our very essence and core.
We need but look at children playing in the sand, or pups of any kind doing the same. The inherent joy and beauty shared by all creatures, are but an act of the underpinning love that created them, and which manifests through them.
Love is all we need.
If we but realize it, cherish it, carry it, and walk through every step of our lives with love generating through our hearts and minds, in our actions, and kindness to others, it will be the fabric of our reality.
May you be blessed with it, realize it, and thus see it everywhere.
Many blessings,
Zacciah Blackburn
see original article here
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10% Off All Chimes and Bells
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Zacciah in Europe, May, June
ZacciahZacciah will be offering two programs in Europe this Spring!!
May 25-28th -
Lindau, Germany
Revelations in Self Realization & Earth Awareness. The Nature of the Principles of the Living, Cosmos and our Relationship to It.

June 2-5
Sound Healers Training
Sound, Healing and Consciousness

Lindau, Germany

An In Depth Exploration into
the Nature of Sound, Healing, and Consciousness;
their inter-relationship, and
the use of sound in healing for self, service, and cosmos

Advanced Studies Program, Nearly Full: 
Heaven And Earth,
Entering The Temple
July 21-23rd, Ottawa, Canada
Just announced, Nearly Full:
Advanced Consciousness Retreat from July 21st-23rd in Ottawa, Canada. Registration is now open! This program is not open to everyone, please see registration requirements. This program will focus into the nature of consciousness, and the principles of healing and self-realization.

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Find your Instrument Needs here: 
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