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Lotus Blossom 
The GREAT AWAKENING:  The Illumination of Consciousness
  Let us all come into remembrance of the Beauty and Purpose of our existence.
The more we are able to touch into the vastness, richness, and Beauty of Creation, the more we are able to feel the deserving nature of our Presence here.  The more we realize this, the more we are able to connect with the very essence and nature of Life, with the breadth of the Cosmos, and through this, the nature, the identity and the purpose of our Being. 


~ Preparing for 2012, and The GREAT AWAKENING ~

& the Wish Fulfilling Jewel

& Manifestation of our Essence

and Creative Will

Diamond Light, and Wish Fulfilling Jewel 


De Ruimte
Weesperzijde 79 A


Sept 2-4, 2011

The Light of Consciousness
2 september 2011
Tijd: 19.30 – 22.30
Deelname: € 35
info on this program is here

3-4 september
3 september 10.00- 17.30 uur
4 september 9.30 - 16.30 uur
Deelname: € 275

this venue has limited seating, enroll early
For further information on location, or registration, click here
Preparing for 2012 and Beyond

See additional information in our latest news, and in our latest article, on this program.
For information in Dutch:

Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
With All Aspects of Creation

The Diamond Light, the Diamond Realms, the Diamond Sutra, the Light of Perfect Wisdom, the Truth Body,
 the Luminous Body, The Diamond Codes, the Divine Matrix, the Crystalline Codes, the Emerald Tablets, the Akashic Records, the Halls of Amenti, the Christ Grid......  

Much has been written in many languages about the luminous field when it attains it state of inherent perfection,
and the inherent wisdom contained therein.
The Buddhists understand it is our inherent nature, this light of perfect wisdom.
The Christian mystics all were seen with the luminous field fully aglow.
The Egyptians understand and taught how to illuminate that luminous field, and the "golden raiment" which pours out of it, once ignited.
Awakening the Sacred Heart, and its perfect wisdom, also an inherent trait, is known throughout the esoteric traditions as one of the most explicit and potent methods of entering awakened, or ascended states of consciousness.

It is the awakening of our own true knowing and authentic, empowered, Self.
Today, in this prophecied time of profound awakening, embedded codes of knowledge and understanding, kept dormant in all levels of our being, from states of pure consciousness, to our DNA and cellular memory, are awakening humans globally, to their divine essence, and purpose.
Those encodings are awaiting each of us to access and activate.

There are also the Realms of Light and Understanding beyond normal human comprehension, in which these encodings are preserved, and available to all who earnestly seek them, in Right Relation to the Living Energies of the Cosmos, the Guardians, and Caretakers, or Keepers of these Halls of Wisdom.  As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without.

We will explore the nature of the Diamond Light, the Awakened Heart, and work with key encodings we hold, often in states of dormancy.  We will work with the holy beings of the subtle realms, ready to assist us, as guides and allies, to transmit and awaken this sacred knowledge from these Diamond Realms of Light and Illumination.  They often come to transmit those encodings through sacred sound, which can serve to bridge us beyond the barriers, or 'obscurations,' the veils that bind us, and keep us from perceiving our true nature.  By allowing these templates of sound and consciousness to intermingle within our own awareness, they can serve to more fully awaken and activate our own inherent Knowing.
This allows our full and innate Self to awaken, to step forward, and take command of our life, as our own, authentic being.

Participants often report incredible life transforming experiences.
We welcome you to join us.

 See Below for specific program information, directions, etc.
See additional information regarding the Wish Fulfilling Jewel, and Diamond Light, in our new article.

Join with us, in these sacred programs, humbly offered.
It is Time.
We wish you, all, many blessings in the Journey.


General organizer for programs in Germany, Switzerland, Holland:
betaling en organisator programma in Europa
Viola Stollenmaier, Langenharterstr.1/4,
CH-8555 Müllheim,
Telefon: 0041-(0)-52-763 11 02

Contact for Registration, Location and Directions

Contact for registration & information:

Informatie en aanmelding
Jeanine Weterings
Tel: 06-55866266

Location and Directions www.deruimteamsterdam.nl

For information on this program in Dutch:

Lodging is not included.
You can web search inns, hotels, or motels, in the area.  Amsterdam is a unique city with exquisite shops, restaurants, and quality inns, and hotels within a short distance.


Water, snacks, coffee, and tea are available  (some snacks will be provided, feel free to bring a snack to share!)

Restaurants are close by.  You may bring meals, or walk to a local restaurant for lunch.  

  This program is facilitated by, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, a highly skilled intuiive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness.  He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network.

Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.

This work, 
The Great Awakening, continues a series of programs explicit to this new era of awakening which humanity is entering, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.

The Great Awakening
will offer keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offer each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge.  These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ,  which can heighten our sense of Living Reality.  The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative.  At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives. 

Upcoming Programs
Programs are constantly being added and updated
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EUROPE:  March, April, August, Sept 2011
March, April, July, September, 2012
Programs in Vermont
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Peru, November 2011
11.11.11 The Gateway of Aramu Muru
such as:
HIGH TANTRA, Yucatan, Mexico
April, 2012
UK, Sacred Sites, Crop Circles
10.10.10:  Initiations in the Halls of Orion

A 2 week sacred initiatory journey, Oct 2010
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Programs are constantly being added and updated
Please see entire class list.

What we invest our power in, in our own belief structure, creates the reality that we experience.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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