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Esoteric Programs:  The Great Awakening

Preparing for:  2012:  The Great Awakening

A 2 Week Tour of Ancient Sites, with Private Initiations
Into the Living Mysteries of Creation
Using Adept Practices of Esoteric Understanding, with Sacred Sound
To Embody the New Awakening of Humanity
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Hathor, Nut, roof temple

It has been Spoken;
It shall be shown
October 2-17, 2010

The Ancient Ones are among us. 
Those ready to activate the ancient work.  Hidden in Stone,
heard on the breath of the horizon, and in our cells.
Bestowed by the ancestral beings who knew the cycles of life coming to Earth. 
It is time. 
Arise and do the work.
A 17 day journey for those prepared to enter ascended states of being,
and assist the Earth in her Activation.

Dendara, Hathor Temple, Egypt, Procession of the GodsWE ARE descendants of the stars.
Civilizations around this planet know this, speak to this, incorporate it in their history, mythology, and Living Legends. 

Our Ancestors left us trace messages, embedded in stone, in our collective memory, and our DNA, to remind us when this day would come.
The day is here.
When we hear these messages, our blood stirs, as the memory re-awakens.

It is time.
We are being born again.
Into the Light Matrix from which we have come.
The ancient temples hold key elements of awakening.
We can access them from anywhere.   
They are in our genes.
Yet, touching into the sacred space, the sacred geometries, the Living Vortices, which they hold, which the Ancestors carved, for us, as much as for them, brings us into such humble reverence and awareness.
It assists us to remember who we are.
It is time.
Awaken, Child of the Cosmos.

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zacciah in austriaZacciah is offering a two week sacred tour of ancient Egypt, October 2-17, 2010.  great pyramids, egyptIt culminates in profound initiatory ceremonies during the calendrical portal of October 10, 2010, in the ancient hallways of Dendara.  It is hosted by Viola Stollenmeier of Tatananga in Swtizerland.  All logistical questions and registrations are handled by her offices. (For your convenience, those residing in N.America may register in our offices.)  Our tour guides are the internationally acclaimed Guardian Travel.  We shall have private group ceremonial time in many major temple complexes we visit, as well as the White Desert, in order to facilitate deep healing, crystalline awareness, connectivity to the spiritual allies, elemental beings, and Wisdom Keepers available in each site.  We shall experience how to collaborate as Co-Creators in active ceremony to awaken and assist in heightening the planetary frequency, as we are being guided to do at this time. This is, also, a crucial aspect of understanding, to assist in this Great Transformation we are encountering.  Both novice practitioner and experienced adept will find great benefit in participating.   Zacciah has a masterful ability to offer wisdom and understanding in a manner in which we can hear at our current level of understanding.  His powerful Sacred Sound Transmissions have the capacity to catapult us into sacred states of consciousness, in which we can ascertain, for ourself, our life purpose and meaning.  We shall be given the opportunity to engage in real, meaningful, and life changing transformational work.   Our primary intent in offering this work is in service to the Planet and the Greater Whole.  Great Sphinx, EgyptParticipants are expected to join in the group work.  We simply wish to be clear.  This is not a simple tour, though there will be a great deal of personal time in many sanctuaries, marketplaces, and other spaces, including world class hotels, and a cruise up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor.  We shall work with understanding of how to awaken & engage the Living Energies of Our Selves, then each place, to ask how we might work in collaboration with the original design & architecture, the Wisdom Keepers, and the Codices of Knowledge embedded in many of the complexes, and Giza Plateau, as well as the Living Energies of the Earth, and Cosmos.  These temples are designed for what we are here to do.  Saqqara, Dahsure, Abydos, each hold enriched understanding for those able to perceive.  When approached reverently and rightfully, their secrets may be revealed to us, individually, and collectively.  We shall experience intentional initiatory processes in communion with the Living Wisdom Keepers of many sacred sites, with especial Initiations on 10.10.10 in the Great Halls of Hat'or, at Dendara, Dendara, Hathor, Egyptwith the alliance of Hat'or and the Hathors, who are principal guides in this work.  We will be in the Halls of Abydos, enveloped in the mysteries of Osiris, Isis and Horus, Sekhmet in her Chapel in Karnak, and other explicit sites for ceremonial opening to the portals beyond our common perception of Time and Space, contained in many of these Halls.  We close  our tour, in ceremonies in the Great Halls of Giza, the High Pyramid, with private sound ceremonies in the King's Chamber, and Queen's Chamber.  It is a 16 day, 15 night sojourn into the Space beyond Time as We Know It, opening, potentially, to some of the most Ancient Foyers of  the Origins of our Ancestors, the Hallways of Orion, Sirius, Pleides, and others.  The Keepers of these ancient sites often arose from such dominions.  It is they who guide this work.  We shall be invited to experience the ancient times of our own Knowing.  And learn to incorporate that understanding in our own essence here, now, and how we might apply the learning in our everyday lives.  Dendara, Procession of Gods
Many of the Temples are aligned in relationship to the Energies of our Primary Energy Vessel, the Djed, or Pranic Tube, or, Shushumna.  Starting in Aswan, and moving up to Kom Ombu, Edfu, Luxor, Karnak, Abydos, Dendara, and Giza, we shall work with the celestial awareness of our Sacred Seals, the energy centers we most often know of, as the Chakras.  When understood as the Sacred Seals, they offer unique understanding of their matrix in Life.  We shall peer into the heliacal design of our own DNA at Saqqara, and sound the harmonics of the Ancient Ones in their sound chambers.  No prior understanding or experience is necessary.  Each shall be given the awareness needed to fully participate at your level of comprehension.
We are Grateful for your participation, and welcome your engagement in this Sacred Work.




General Information on the program   *   Itinerary   *   Cost   *    Contact for Registration

Entering the Halls of Osiris

Entering the Sacred Tent of Egypt
At a time of the Eclipse (most darkness;) many have forgotten; we come to recall.

Recalling the Light
  • Sphinx, Dahsure, Saqqara (Doorway of Time/DNA/propogation, protocreation)
The mysteries hidden here are many and ancient.  In many cases they have been buried here til we re-awaken, re-member, re-call the past, the time of our being, the method of ascension, this time of awakening.

, Dahsure, Dendara, Abydos, Karnak, Luxor, Philae, Kom Ombu, Edfu, Giza...

The names stand out like ancient strands of our inner most knowing.  We know who we are.
We have forgotten.

It is time to reclaim our birthright;
our heritage as sacred beings of
Divine Trust
Divine Illumination
Divine Origin
Divine Truth
Divine Authenticity
and Power.
To Know Who We Are.
To Stand Firm in our knowing, our belief
and our inheritance.
To reclaim our authentic nature of integrity, wholeness, holiness, and well being.
To re enter the Gates of Creation
To re enter our role as Co-Creators.

The time is now.

We have entered this auspicious time, and must do our part in intertwining the new threads of Creation, the new strands of memory, the new fertile plain of our Divinity.

Initiations into the Halls of Orion

We have been here before.
Many of us recall those times.

It is not about reliving the past, but Calling Forward, and invigorating the present with the fullness of our being, knowing, ability, power.


 We enter the ancient halls, bearing gifts to those whom have gone before, those ascended ones, initiated before, ready to carry us through the portals into other worlds of being, other ways of knowing, re-invigorating that ancient path, as prophecied, to come into the present.


For many of us, we are the Ancient Ones; as the Hopi have said, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.”

The Ancient Ones, the Wayshowers, the adepts, the living masters, residing in ethereal states or realms of being, are ready to touch us, to invigorate us, with new, with old, ways of knowing and being; to bless us with their wisdom, their essence, our true essence.

Safe Passage

the Exquisite Art of Dying
  • Dahsure, Kom Ombu, Abydos
Coming into visceral understanding, that only by giving up that which does not serve us, can we make room for new beginnings, new aspects of Creation to arise within our being.
By discovering joy in willingness to release the past, we refresh and re-invigorate our essence.
We shall call upon the wayshowers, the guides, of the portals of safe passage, through the realms of release, the halls of darkness, that we might live again.

And Rebirth

In the realities of this world, we often hold fast to our present beliefs and perceptions, often founded in cultural stigma and illusion, not part of the Greater Reality;  but, Maya.  All great teachers have told us we live in it;  else, we are the Awakened One, a Buddha in our own Right. 
By discarding our current construct of beliefs and perceptions, to peer into the Darkness, the Emptiness, the Stillness, beyond the Veil, we can see more distinctly, the All That Is.

We then can re-ascend our throne in wisdom and perception based upon that Reality Beyond this current Time and Space.

Remembering Who We Are
  • Dendara, Abydos, Karnak, Giza
Only by discovering the authenticity of who we are as Holy Beings, can we ever fully embody this fundamental Truth, which most great elders of all Spiritual Traditions have shared with us.
Long hidden in the West, the Power Keepers have led us to believe we are worthless, less than pure, not ready for holiness

We are Great and Holy Beings.  The Wisdom Keepers of so many traditions have said it:

Know Ye Not that Ye Are Gods!?"

By defining this nature, we then can step into our Rightful Place of
Why We Are Here,
and fully determine that, by our own self observation, and witnessing of our Relationship to the Cosmos.


Drinking in the Dessert

The wisdom of the Elemental Energies of Earth and Sky feed, nourish, and compose our body.  We have, for the most part, forgotten that alliance. 
While bathing beneath the Desert, Crystal Mountain, and Mushroom peaks, we shall also seek refuge and Alliance with the Star Beings, the Ancestors of so many nations of beings, and many believe, founders of the Ancient Temples here.

Finding and accessing these
star allianaces, we may find even our ancient path home.

And, buried beneath the sands, here, and in Giza, the most ancient Remebering, the Great Records in the Halls of Amenti

Awakening the Holy Ones, and asking permission, we may gaze into the most Holy of Holies, while laying in the Crypt, or be Anointed with the Nectars of Orion, Sirius, and the 7 Sisters, the Queens and Kings of the Nile.
  • All sites


  General Information on the program   *   Itinerary   *   Cost   *    Contact for Registration

Your guide on this Journey:

zacciahZacciah Blackburn, Ph.D., is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures.  He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  He offers in depth trainings in the therapeutic application of sound healing practices, private sound therapies, and extraordinary workshops, programs, and sacred tours, for spiritual development, personal growth, and awareness of the vital nature of the Living Consciousness of the Earth, its sacred sites, and elemental allies.    

Zacciah serves, as Director of Education, for the International Sound Healing Network, an international community of practitioners, educators, researchers, individuals and organizations interested in furtheall one nowring the understanding of the use of sound as a healing modality.  He is Co-Founder & Program Director of the World Sound Healing and All One Now Network of charitable organizations, offering the teachings of world leaders in human consciousness development, and the wisdom of indigenous elders, all working for global transformation and peace.  And, he is a working board member of the Sound and Music Alliance, a new professional non-profit organization working to enhance collaboration and efficacy in this field. 

Zacciah with shakuhachiZacciah is, also, an internationally respected flutemaker.  He offers World Musical instruments, and Sound Healing tools and instruments of sacred sound cultures at, offering over thirty five years of experience and knowledge to assist others in both understanding the use of, and selecting the appropriate tools for, their sound practice.

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