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An Initiation in the Art of Personal Power :
Working with the Sacred Landscape and Ancient sites of PERU
An exclusive program with the Peruvian Mystic
Juan Nunez del Prado

See our Program in Peru for 2011:
PERU:  11.11.11:  Gateways to Ascension  
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July 3-15, and September 30 through October 12
, 2006
W are offering two opportunities for this extraordinary sacred journey in 2006

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An Initiation in the Art of Personal Power :
Working with the Sacred Landscape and Ancient sites of PERU

An exclusive program with the Peruvian Mystic
Juan Nunez del Prado


                       July 3-15, and September 30 through October 12, 2006

            See our Program Information for Peru,  2011:
PERU:  11.11.11:  Gateways to Ascension  
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                      I am pleased to invite you to participate in our July 3-15, or September 30-October 12, 2006
                   Hatun Karpay expedition to the Sacred Places of the Ancient Incas with
                   Peruvian Anthropologist and Mystic, Juan Nunez del Prado.
                   Hatun Karpay is the Quechua word for Great Initiation, and the work we do
                   together in some of the most sacred places in the Andes is about rediscovering
                   our personal power and committing to develop and use our potential.
                   The Incas, their ancestors and descendants performed their religious ceremonies
                   for hundreds of years in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu,
                 Ollantaytambo, Pisaq and Raqchi.
We will be in these same sites, ancient holy places, where the mysteries of the earth and the knowledge of those who came before us, remain. It becomes easier here to take a good look inside of ourselves and see what we must know.
Juan Nunez del Prado is one of South America’s most important spiritual teachers.
Walking through the Andes with him and participating in the authentic rituals taught to
him by his indigenous masters is an experience which has had deep personal significance
for many of those who have worked with us over the years.

I have worked with Juan for a number of years, and deeply enjoy his genuine humor, warmth, sincerity
and grace.  It is always a pleasure to work with him, and over and over, participants come away feeling
they have participated in a life altering experience.
A detailed itinerary, cost and cancellation information and a registration form follow.
Please confirm your registration, then send your completed registration form, deposit and subsequent payments

We will
immediately acknowledge your payments and send you regular updates on what you need to know regarding travel, packing lists, etc.
In order to secure a place for this expedition, please register early.
Zacciah may not accompany this particular series of journeys to Peru.  Juan and his son Ivan are the primary teachers in the Andean excursions, and will be your hosts.
Juan has asked Zacciah to carry forward the Karpay initiations
, as taught in the Karpay America programs by Juan.  These initiations are seen in his culture as part of their prophecy of how human transformation may take place in our lifetime, in this, the Taripay Pacha, or "the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again."
Zacciah has incorporated the Karpay initiations into his shamanic training program, Return to Beauty, in Vermont.
Zacciah will be offering introductory programs into Peruvian mysticism as well, so watch our calendar, or subscribe to our newsletter.
These are extraordinary programs in their own right, but also a wonderful way of "meeting ourselves again," in this time of "Returning to Beauty," embracing ourselves again, for those unable to make the majestic leap to Peru. 

Zacciah has also offered the Karpay program in the Austrian Alps, and can conduct similar programs with your groups in your region of the world.

Cost information & cancellation policy follow on this page for our Peru Hatun Karpay 2006.
Click on the following links for information on:
Registration form, PERU Hatun Karpay

The LAND COST per person for the 2006 HATUN KARPAY expedition is   and includes:
                     Excellent Hotels, double Occupancy**;
                     All Transfers (by private Coach) and Train to and from Machu Picchu, and all destinations on the ground;
                     Breakfast and one Meal each day, plus 2 Dinners;
All Teaching Fees;
All Entrance Fees;
            Airport Transfers in Cuzco;
Single supplement $   (**Single room occupancy, add on)
Land Costs are payable to the Center of Light by the dates listed below.
Not included are International and Peru AIRFARES and Airport Departure taxes (approximately $30.00). For airline information and tickets, U.S. travelers may call the airlines directly or get in touch with a travel agency of your choice. You will need to travel from your nearest airport to Lima, Peru and make a connection from Lima (we suggest Lan Peru as your carrier : (866) 435-9526) to Cuzco. The program begins in Cuzco in the evening of the designated dates.
Payment Schedule:

You may check to see if room is available after these dates.
Payment Deadlines are based on dates by which we must make payments abroad and
are therefore strictly enforced. If you need to delay a payment, please check with us as soon as possible so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Otherwise, failure to submit a payment by the stated due dates may result in our having to cancel your participation in the expedition.
Cancellation Policy:
Full refund will be made for cancellations more than 120 days prior to the date of departure. If you must cancel between 119 and 90 days prior to departure, recoverable costs will be refunded minus a $200.00 cancellation fee.  There is no refund for cancellation 90 days or less prior to departure, unless the reason for cancellation is a medical emergency. In that case we require a letter from your physician testifying to the nature of the emergency and will then work with you to determine a possible refund. 
Payment toward this program constitutes understanding and acceptance of this policy.
Visas for U. S. citizens traveling to Peru are issued at the port of entry in Lima. A Passport, valid for at least six months after the date of departure from Peru, is required. Non US-citizens are asked to please check with their respective Peru and Bolivia embassies regarding their visas.
Upon receipt of registration and deposit, we will send you more detailed information, including a packing list and “need to know” information

Click on the following links for information on:
ITINERARY, PERU Hatun Karpay 2006
Registration form, PERU Hatun Karpay 2006

For those unfamiliar with Andean techniques and terminology, we recommend the following books:
        Elizabeth Jenkins:   Initiation
            Joan Wilcox:   Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom; The Q'ero Indians of Peru
        William Sullivan:  The Secret of the Incas

Also, watch for programs in Zacciah's itinerary on introduction to Andean mysticism, or join our newsletter

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