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A Special 5 Day Shamanic Sound
Intensive Retreat in New England

July 15-19, 2015
Some information and costs may change, but basic outline of program will remain.
Leyden, MA
(Near Greenfield, MA)
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 A Certificate of Training is given
 to each participant completing this program
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 Learning therapeutic sound & shamanic techniques
This will be our primary training in sound therapy for 2015.

Sounds of the Earth, Sacred Sounds, Sounds of the Shaman, Retreat

July 15-19, 2015
Some information and costs may change, but basic outline of program will remain.
Program Information
 is below  (scroll down or click here)
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   Cost * Date  *  Location * Registration  * About our Facilitator
 A Certificate of Training is given
 to each participant completing this program

 This will be our primary training in sound therapy for 2015.

We will, therefore, utilize our time primarily for studies in the foundation of sound therapies, using instruments, awareness, intention and voice, in understanding human consciousness and wellness,
components of the human energy system, and how to approach healing, from an intuitive and/shamanic perspective.  Zacciah's use of the word 'shaman', embraces more than many 'contemporary' definitions of the term, but reaches far into the mystical understanding of the Cosmos, healing, and the relationship of ourselves with each of these concepts.

We will incorporate many of the other aspects of this work as defined in the original text below.  We simply want to make it clear, it will offer in depth understanding of the principles of therapeutic sound work.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Sounds
The Sounds of the Shaman
Native Ceremonial drums
An in Depth Exploration into
the Nature of Sound, Healing, and Consciousness from the Shamanic perspective;
Earth Ceremonies, Earth Energies, Earth Healing;
Sounds in Communion with Earth Intelligences;
Tools for therapeutic Shamanic Sound Practice;
The inter-relationship, and the use of sound in healing for self, service, and connection to the Greater Cosmos;
The HOW TO guide for those interested in deepening their work, life, and practice.
General Information continues below  
   Cost * Date  *  Location * Registration  * About our Facilitator
A Certificate of Training is given
 to each participant completing this program
What You Will Learn
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Sound healing, and shamanism, are growing therapeutic fields, proven to
shaman, sound, drumenhance wellness and creativity at many levels of our being.  Cultures the world over have utilized sound, throughout human history, coupled with explicit states of consciousness, or awareness & intent, for healing, for connecting to, aligning with, for channelling, and embodying, that which they hold as Sacred, or Divine, as well as to use sound in direct healing incantations, to journey into other worlds, to awaken ecstatic states of awareness and innate well being, and to illuminate one’s ancient essence, and knowing. 

 The modern concepts of shamanism understand these principals, but often do not encompass the broad use of sound & awareness which ancient medicine peoples of most traditional cultures almost always have utilized....the connection of self to the other world, as a Divine Art, and, as a part of it, the Living Cosmos;  and, to become an intermediary through voice and intention, often with drum, rattle, or bell, etc, coupled with other world awareness, to draw through, or bridge to, the 'other side' of intelligent life, which resides in the subtle world, or 'other world' realities, in higher states of realized being.  The Tibetans, whose culture is based in steep shamanic traditions, understand this, and call one aspect of this 'other world' the 
Sambhogakaya, which means, to some in that tradition, "the Pure Realms of Light and Sound, where the Holy Beings dwell."   It is, also, an aspect of our realized state of being.  Traditional peoples of the Americas, Mongolia, and most regions of the world, utilize sound as a catalyst to enter or enhance altered states, peer into those other worlds, ally with their medicine powers, and so much more.

ancestors  It is through access of these sacred states of consciousness, and the "pure realms," that the shaman draws his or her magic and power.  It is his or her connection to the Divine nature of All Life, in relation to one's own realized self, or inherent wisdom and power, that we gain our power.  It is a coupling of this wisdom and power, which resides in All Life, and, is from the source of Creation, of which we each are a part, from which we derive our true nature and power.
 The elemental and ancestral worlds of our medicine allies are another aspect of these subtle planes of existence where we gain our power, as we understand, and enter alignment with the fundamental Original Instructions, embedded within us, and all Living Things, as well as the way of the Rhythm of Giving and Taking, in Harmony with All Life.   It is this Rhythm that syncopates us with the fundamental essence, and resonance, of the universal nature of All Creation, and which animates All Life.  Here, we discover that we are, indeed, supported in our life and work by the Universe, just as deeply as we are able, ready, and willing to abide within the Rhythm of its syncopated nature.  It is where we do not understand, or abide within, this universal Rhythm of Giving and Taking, that we lose our essence, our creativity, our support.  Here, again, we discover our power.

sound and shamanic instruments In this practice, we shall move through and incorporate many levels of this understanding, from the inherent nature of sound, instruments and voice, coupled with awareness and intention, and peering into the subtle worlds of reality, and our own higher esssence, or nature, to realize that place of authentic power from which we can draw our 'medicines,' that we shall conduct this retreat.  We shall draw upon methods of connecting to the Living Worlds of this world, also, the living beings, of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and the Stone, Tree, Water and other beings residing with us, the Ancestral beings and Allies, the StarBeings, and others assisting us in our work.  We shall conduct prayers for the Living Earth, and all beings residing within her, for healing, for wellness, for service, to All Life.   And, we shall enter practices to directly perceive that Rhythm of Giving and Taking, and how it flows within our Lives.

ancient stone chamber, kiva, putney, vtTime permitting, we will incorporate SPECIAL CEREMONY at an ancient stone chamber, built to replicate a KIVA.  The origin of these chambers are controversial, but likely built by other cultures some as much as 5500 years ago.   This is a Living Temple of Light, ready to work with our highest integrity for the benefit of this planet.  For more intensive work in these outdoor Living Temples and Sacred Power Sites of New England, you may wish to consider our August Temples of the Earth programs.

We shall use the great Ceremonial Drums (pictured above,) fire ceremony, and other tools Zacciah brings with him.

Modern science and therapeutic applications are adding to our
cymatic wave understanding of the nature of sound.  Sound is the vibrational nature of Creation, as well as our human structure, from our energetic (subtle) bodies, to our physiological and sub-atomic form.  Drawing from contemporary and ancient cultures’ wisdom and methodologies, we will utilize techniques with voice and simple instruments to enhance awareness and integration of sound in personal and professional practice.   We shall explore the nature of authentic healing, and utilize esoteric/shamanic sound practices to realize heightened states of wellness and self realization.  No musical talent or prior experience is necessary.

Nada Brahma:  All is Sound. 

Certificate of Training, Sacred Sound Retreat

CERTIFICATES OF TRAINING are given to each participant completing this 5 day retreat

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 to each participant completing this program
What You Will Learn
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July 15-19, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 12 noon (Lunch included)
 til Sunday, July 19, 2 PM (Lunch included)

AFTER JUNE 1, 2015, until full:
  • $1755.00, includes room and board.  (double occupancy.)
  • $1395.00, for commuters, lunch and dinner included.
Save $100. if you have completed Level I Sound Healers Training,
or register for the full 2016 year before this program begins.
Save $35. if paid by check or cash.
This program will qualify for Level I Module I of the first year of our 2016 Sound Healers Training (you can thus, take only the remaining 3 modules.)
See registration information here.

The 95 pristine acres and retreat center complex of
the SpiritFire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road

Leyden, Massachusetts 01337
The Center is near Greenfield MA & Brattleboro, VT
--bus, trains available to Greenfield/Deerfield, MA, or Brattleboro, VT
Closest major airport is Hartford, CT (Bradlee/BDL), though Manchester, NH, Boston, MA, Albany NY, and Burlington VT are also good choices.
For internationsl travel, there is good train & bus service to the region from NYC, and Boston, MA airports.

YOU MAY COME EARLY OR STAY LATE for an additional fee.  
SpiritFire will assist with transportation from Greenfield, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and when possible, Springfield MA or Hartford CT Bradlee Airport.  A fee may apply.
spirit fire conference center

You must pay in full by due dates to receive early discounts.
 We accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, cash or checks for payment:  
You may
register by Phone, Fax, Mail, E-mail, or Secure On Line, with a Credit/Debit Card, or Personal Check or Money Order, or Pay Pal
(we will send you a PayPal invoice, but please complete registration information:)
To register by phone, you may call our offices, see below.

Or, mail or fax your registration information, or MC/VIsa credit information.
  •  FAX:  802.674.9586
  •  Mail:  PO Box 389
  •  Ascutney VT 05030  USA

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Spirit Fire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road
Leyden, Massachusetts, 01337

All questions and reservations are handled through our offices, not SpiritFire, please.

Googlemap here

Center of Light
PO Box 389

Ascutney VT 05030
Fax or Mail Registration form from here
Fax:  802.674.9586

Vermont residents may qualify with VSAC (Vermont Student Assistance Corporation) for adult education financial assistance or grants in career training.
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies is a registered adult education provider approved by VSAC.
Agencies in your home state may also offer adult education financial assistance. 
(We will be glad to assist with information for those agencies.)  

SPECIAL NOTE about Instruments Used:
  • Zacciah will make available instruments to demonstrate and work with, which can be purchased.
  • If you wish to bring instruments related to this workshop, to learn more deeply in hands on practice, or to utilize in practice with others, it is highly recommended. These might include, especially, frame drums (hand-held drums, with beater, like traditional Native American or 'shamanic' drums,) rattles, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, tuning forks, some work with horns or didgeridoos.)  If you have questions about other instruments, you may bring them, and we will discuss or experience them as time permits.  You, certainly, can bring instruments for your own enjoyment during private times.
  • If you wish to reserve, or purchase instruments before hand, you may do so via our instrument website,, or by calling our office.
  • We have highly experienced staff who can assist in appropriate tools for sound healing.  We can ship them to your home, or bring them with us.

The Fine Print:
Registration in this program is a commitment to attend and to follow all guidelines and policies regarding this program, including taking personal responsibility for understanding the nature of, and participation in, these programs, and for taking personal 
liability for any harm, or damage, to persons or property while attending said programs. 
Registration is open until programs are full.  Registration is limited.  We will not cash a check, nor charge your credit card account, if space is not available, and we will contact you regarding a possible wait list.  Discounts only apply for payments in full.  
You may seek registration at any time, but to guarantee space,
payment in full must be made at that time.  Special consideration of payment plans may be made up til 90 days before program.  No refunds are given after 90 days before program begins.   Refunds less a $100. processing fee may be given before that time.  Any discounts may be taken only if payment is made in full before date of discount deadline.

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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Sound Educator

A Word from Our Program Facilitator:

The Sounds of the Shaman
See new articles on this subject here
Why Sound Works, and How it used in Therapeutic and Shamanic Settings.

People have asked me for years to offer more traditional shamanic practices through my sound healing programs.  The reality is, my work is very shamanic in nature, and based in the rich tapestry and history of the use of shamanic sound in cultures from Cherokee and Ojibwe nations of the Americas (cultures I carry genetic and spiritual lineages of,) to the Tibetan Bon and Buddhist, Hindu mystical and Egyptian Mysteries I am initiated in, and birthed from.

Sound is every where and in every thing.  And, when we learn to listen to, and attune to, the vibrational essence, and information carried in all Living Things, as well as the VOICES OF THE OTHER WORLDS, we have an extraordinary opportunity to work with sound from a highly refined and other worldly perspective.

How do they speak, how do we listen, and learn?

shamanic practicesFrom a place of deep listening, and noticing how we perceive information from the subtle worlds, and developing relationship with those living entities (holy beings, guides, allies, teachers,) we come into deeper direct communion with them.  Paying attention is part of the process, to allow the Medicines to unfold.  Yet, there are specific methodologies we shall incorporate, as to how to access and gain direct communion with those in the SpiritWorlds.

There are, also, specific methods of learning how to view into the subtle body, and work energetically with others in shamanic/sound practices (therapeutic in nature.)

spirit worldsAnd, there are numerous ways to tap into the Living Energies of the Earth, create alliances with these energies, and the Elemental, Ancestral and other living consciousnesses of those energies (and realms, or worlds,) present, in every place, every room, every Earth Sanctuary we visit or live in, to incorporate in our lives, practices, and healing ceremonies for our selves and others, not to mention for the Earth Herself.

We are in a time of profound transformation, and in this special first of its kind retreat, we shall engage in real healing ceremonies for our selves, the Earth, and each other during this very special 5 day program.  

In this retreat, we shall take the highlights of my Sound Healers and other trainings, and incorporate & encapsulate elements of how to work with voice and instruments, energy of the human subtle field, and the subtle realms of the Greater Realities (or, Other Worlds,) around and within us.  How to develop allies and personal power, and resolve or dissolve the encumbrances we, or others carry, which debilitate most of our lives.

Why do so many focus on the shadow side, when that is not what we wish to create?  We cannot ignore the shadowsseeing into other worlds, spirits we carry, but it is far more important to realize who we truly are, where our power truly lies, and who are our greatest allies and resources for healing, living, and thriving, upon this bounteous Earth.

We shall peer into, work with, and come to understandings of both principals and processes of healing.

This is all part of what I offer in my greater 1, 2, and 3 year trainings in Sound.  Many do not understand how much of the shamanic perspective I bring into this work.  That is partly because of misunderstanding of the true nature of Shamanism, partly because of how I choose to language my work.

ancestors, shamanic practicesWhat I do is, and has always been, based more in traditional Shamanism (world traditions,) rather than what many have come to view shamanism to be in our contemporary society, where many of us have a very limited perspective of its true and authentic nature, and ability.  It is fundamentally to make us whole, to discover who we truly are, not who or what we have been led to believe.  By peering into the Other World realities, we gain direct observation of our true and authentic nature.  This empowers us, enlightens us, enlivens us, and we come away feeling whole and complete; healed.

So, perhaps we will start here.  What is shamanism; where does our power reside; how do we access it, define it, and utilize it; how do we heal ourselves and others;  how is the Earth involved; and what can we each do to assist in this powerful transformation of Human and Earthly consciousness which is transpiring today.

What does he mean by the Living Efire ceremonyarth, Living Energies, or 'Consciousnesses of Other Worlds?'  Do you realize these are alive, (everything,) and accessible as allies, as true living entities?

We have not been taught these principals well in the modern era.  We shall explore these directly, to empower our own path with direct communication, direct communion, direct communication, direct realization.

We will be in the luscious 95 Acres of the SpiritFire Retreat Center in Leyden MA, with the option to live in or commute to the practice.  Some work will be in doors, some outdoors.

fire ceremonyIt will incorporate traditional fire ceremony.

Everyone who comes will likely find this experience more than they anticipated, more than they possibly even imagined.  The majority of participants in this work, previously, report just that.  Even those who have come for years.  (One participant, who is an advanced student, with over 8 years of practice, states the ceremony in the Stone Chamber was the most profound she has ever  experienced, even moreso than our practices in ancient sites of UK, such as, Stonehenge, or in Egypt, and Peru.)

We look forwarfd to seeing you.

If you register early, you have the opportunity to save significantly.  Sign up for our newsletter for occasional otherwise unannounced discounts. 

  • Experiential and cognitive advancement of our understanding of fundamental principles and utilization of techniques of sound healing therapies, especially as it relates to shamanic understanding
  • Exploration of the nature of Authentic Healing Experiential practices and esoteric understanding of the nature of human consciousness
  • Utilize sound practices from Native American (N., S., & C.Sound, Healing, and Consciousness American,) Shamanic/Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Bon and Buddhism and other indigenous cultures
  • Hands on practice in shamanic/sound techniques with applications for personal development and the professional setting
  • Practices for entering living relations with the energies (and living consciousness) of aspects of the Earth
  • Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
  • Use of voice, ancient and contemporary instruments including, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, shangs, shamanic/Native drums, rattles, flutes, and tuning forks in wellness and therapeutic practices
  • Practice of shamanic/sound techniques to enhance personal and professional practices 
  • Balancing and clearing techniques for the neurophysiology, chakras, etheric/subtle energy and endocrine systems
  • Using shamanic/sound and consciousness practices to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being
A Special Note about the instruments used  
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 to each participant completing this program
spiritfire center, practice room
Practice Room, SpiritFire Center
drumming with the great grandfather drums
Time with the Grandfather Drumstime in nature, connecting to living energies
Time with Nature
Creating relationship with the living energies,
Engaging in Solar practices

Learning therapeutic sound & shamanic techniques
Learning therapeutic sound & shamanic techniques


SCHEDULE For 5 day Shamanic Sound trainings in Leyden:

Typical schedule format:
(All Times are EST.  
Exact times may vary.)

First day:  Arrive and register by 11:30 AM.  
Lunch 12-1 PM.
Program begins at 2:00 PM
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs.
Afternoon snack 3:30-4:00 PM
Evening meal begins 6:30 PM

At least 3 evenings we will offer practice for approximately 2 hrs.
Starting at 7:30-8 PM
These will especially incorporate aspects of our experiential work with sound, as a group.

One evening we will offer a Peruvian Despacho fire ceremony, and have an opportunity for music, chant, sound at the fire.

2nd through 4th day:
Breakfast 8:15 - 9: 15 AM
Program begins 9:45 AM
Morning break 11:15 AM
Lunch at 1 PM
Afternoon session begins 2:30 PM
Afternoon break and snack 4:00 PM
Evening meal begins  6:30 PM

One day optional outdoor training, sacred site:
Leave 9 AM with bagged lunches for approx. 5 hour excursion

5th day:
Breakfast 8:15 - 9: 15 AM
Program begins between 9:45 AM
Morning break 11:15 AM
Lunch at 1 PM
Program ends 2:00 PM, though may be slight extension for ‘graduation’ ceremony.

   Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Sound Educator
Our Program Facilitator
Zacciah  Blackburn, PhD, is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT, at the Center of Light, which he founded.   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with Sacred Intention, as  a therapeutic tool, for personal growth and transformation.  Zacciah is a Co-Director, and Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network (SHN), formerly known as the New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI,) a worldwide community of healing practitioners broadening the awareness of sound healing through networking, education, and scientific research.  He is also co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now Network of organizations furthering world peace, healing, and transformation of human consciousness through simple ceremony, broadcast live via the internet.  And, Zacciah is one of the Founding Board Members, and still actively involved on the Board of Directors, in the formation and evolution of the new Sound and Music Alliance, a professional association of practitioners, educators, researchers, product makers, schools and organizations, dedicated to the use of the transformative power of sound and music throughout the full spectrum of life cycles. 

Zacciah Blackburn, PhDZacciah has created a broad range of trainings in sound healing practice, which couples his deep cognitive and intuitive understanding of sound in therapeutic application.   These programs are an in depth study of the nature of sound and its healing effect on the human system, with cognitive and experiential training designed to better our understanding of, and therapeutic application in, the use of sound.  

 brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  
We invite you to join us in this insightful and uplifting program for personal and professional development.
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You receive a certificate of training for completion of this program.
 (Image is a similar facsimile of what you receive based on the nature of, and hours in, this program, and this program title.)

  Certificates of training are given to those completing this training.  
Certificates are also given to each person completing our multi year trainings, in our School of Sound Healing.   The Level I programs are a foundation for, and a requirement of, higher level studies, which will integrate deeper experiential practical application in therapeutic settings.    See Advanced Level II program information here.  And,  Level III  

See, also, our Articles Section for several quality articles on the Nature of Sound Healing
including our recent
article on Divine Harmony and Proportions:   Sounding the Codes

While all of our programs incorporate ancient, indigenous/shamanic, and esoteric 'wisdom school' understandings of the nature of sound, human consciousness, and our inter-relationship with the living energies of the Cosmos, those wishing to further an Earth based understanding of sound in ceremony
, working with E
arth based energies utilizing more shamanic methodology, may follow up with our Earth Mysteries programs in the US, Europe, Peru, Egypt, and elsewhere, each year.  We work in ancient ceremonial sites, and pristine and powerful natural energy sites, learning how to access and interact with the Living Energies and Spirit of the Place where we visit.   We recommend all of our sound healers' training programs for those wishing to understand how to access the subtle realms of consciousness, to attune, create relation with, and express deeper awareness in sacred sound, with voice, or instruments.  We also offer advanced Shamanic training for those participating in beginning programs.


Sound Healing Therapies
Zacciah accepts appointments for individual healing work or training in sound healing therapies.  This work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, clarify life issues, work with deep healing where needed, and to find one's own voice and authenticity in the world. The work is  to help you find and establish your path in your own sacred journey, to help you identify and remove obstacles to obtaining your own greatest good.  We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others.  Click here for more information.

You may call or e-mail Zacciah to discuss your personal needs.
You will find articles on the nature of Sound Healing linked below, which may give you further insight into this work, and a link here to Zacciah's background.                   
Please contact us for further details.

 Articles on Sound Healing  

The  Center of Light in Vermont
Zacciah Blackburn
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
P.O. Box 389
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone: (802) 674-9585
Fax: (802) 674-9586

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