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A Premier 6 Day Retreat
in Sound Healing Training

April 10-15, 2018

School of Sound Healing
Sound Healing Certificate Program
Private and Professional,
Therapeutic Sound Healers Practitioner Training

Program info just below  *  Registration and Logistics

Sound, Healing and Consciousness

A Special
6 Day Retreat in the Art and Discipline
of Sound Healing as a Therapeutic Form
for Personal or Professional Skill Development
-Limited Enrollment-

In the Beautiful Spiritfire Retreat Center
Leyden, MA

This is a 6 day program in sound healing and therapy led by Zacciah Blackburn.
You will receive a certificate of training after completion of the program.

We know of no other sound healing training which offers the level of in depth and comprehensive experiential and cognitive preparation, for competency in becoming a qualified and effective therapist in the field of intentional sound.
No prior experience or musical experience is necessary.

While this is an introductory program, no matter your level of experience or competence, you will find this program effective at meeting your needs for effectively understanding and advancing your work in sound (or music,) and enriching and fulfilling both your personal and professional needs.
We enter an intutitive, experiential, and cognitive understanding of the inter-connectedness of life, consciousness, and healing, and how sound is effective as an application of a healing conduit.
This is a beginner's practice, yet filled with advanced material presented at an easy to understand level, directly experiencing work with crystal and Tibetan bowls and bells, Native American drums and rattles, voice, toning, tuning forks, and other sound healing instruments and methodologies, as well as a background in scientific, esoteric and mystical understanding of the human neurophysiology and energy systems, the nature of sound, healing, and consciousness, as advanced and utilized through the centuries by indigenous and wisdom school teachings, such as Native American shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu chant, as well as modern medicine, psychotherapy, and other healing arts.

Novice and advanced practitioners have most often reported the insight and experienced gained was far beyond their expectations.  The program has proven beneficial both for those wishing to begin a sound practice for themselves or professionally, as well as far advanced practitioners and professionals, from the medical, (MD, nursing, etc.,) psychotherapeutic, yogic, body-workers and other holistic professions, to integrate into their current practice.

For the most in depth training, we recommend our full year Level I program.  Sign up for our newsletters for notices on when our next full year program is.  At this point, this is the only sound healers training we plan on offering in the US in 2018.   We may offer a fall program near Ottawa Canada of similar content.
But, for those seeking the most comprehensive, compact module of training, this is an exellent program to join.

 More about this program
What to Expect

Certificate of Training About our Program Facilitators
Full Year,
Level 1 Program
Advanced, Second Year Information
Advanced, Third Year Information
Sound Healing Certificate of Training


Cost And Registration Information


Tuesday, April 10, 2018,
                                   12 noon (Lunch included)

  through Sunday, April 15, 2018,
                              3 PM (Lunch included)

COST:  $1625,
  registration accepted until full.
Includes room and board
This is a limited seating event.
We expect it to fill, and highly recommend early registration.

 (double occupancy & shared baths.)
Save $35. if paid by check or cash.


Cost for Commuters is $
check for current cost
 lunch and dinner included. Meals are deliciously prepared by ou
Meals are deliciously prepared by our
retreat center hosts.  They are full, rich, natural
and local ingredients and/or organic where possible.
Often their own gardens are the source for
the vegetables.
Special diets can be accommodated, though
they reserve the right to charge an
additional moderate fee if necessary.
Add your dietary and any other special needs
in your registration forms.

This program will qualify for Level I Module I of the first year of any future Sound Healers Training (if taken within the next two years.)


We accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, cash or checks for payment:  MC Visa Discover PayPal accepted
All Registrants:  
  • We ask that all registrants please complete & return this form to provide us with all contact, background, other important information (dietary, medical considerations, etc) and emergency contact information about yourself.  It also includes a waiver necessary in the case we are able to travel from the retreat center to participate in sacred sound ceremonies at an ancient ceremonial chamber near Leyden.  This form can be mailed or emailed to us.
  • This form can also be used to make payment by Credit Card, check, money order or PayPal by submitting to us by mail or email (don't send credit card information by email.)
To Pay by Credit/Debit Card/Paypal:
  • You can go to this page at our sister site, Sunreed Instruments, to register and make secure credit card or PayPal payment on line.  to check out securely online. We will send you a paypal invoice after you have submitted your registration.
  • Please note, that our sister company "Sunreed Instruments" will show on your bank statement for credit card and PayPal payments..
By Fax:
  • please print out and fill in this form
  • Fax to 802-674-9586
By Phone:
  • please call us 802-674-9585
  • We are usually available Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM ET.
By Email:
By Mail/Check:
  • please print out this form, and sent payment information or check to:
  • The Center of Light
  • PO Box 389
  • Ascutney, VT, 05030
Our physical address is
  • 220 Hidden Glen Rd.
  • Ascutney, VT, 05030
    • You may
      • Call our offices 
      • Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM EST.
      • PHONE:  802.674.9586

All program participants must submit a signed registration form with emergency contact information and waiver
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Registration & Acceptance Guidelines,
& Cancellation Policies for these trainings

Registration in this program is a commitment to attend and to follow all guidelines and policies regarding this program, including taking personal responsibility for understanding the nature of, and participation in, this program or programs, and for taking personal liability for any harm, or damage, to persons or property while attending said programs.  Registration is open until that program is full.  Registration is limited.  Acceptance into the program or portion of each program you are registering for, will be formalized, when we charge your credit card, or deposit your check into our bank.  We will not cash a check, nor charge your credit card account, if space is not available, or your registration is not accepted for any reason, and we will contact you regarding that, as well as any possible wait list, where appropriate.  Discounts only apply for payments in full.  You may seek registration at any time, but once accepted, in order to guarantee space,  the following payment schedules must be met:

  Full payment is due at the time of registration. A refund less a $200 non-refundable deposit will be given up until 60 days before the program start date.    After that time, refunds are no longer offered. We will discuss possible payment plans for those in need of further time.

Preparation Information

Zacciah uses Sacred Sound principles to access potentized states of consciousness, and working intuitively with the wisdom, keepers, and energies of these Sacred Sites.  There may be opportunities to use a drum or rattle (we have them here if you do not, or see our site at )

A SPECIAL NOTE about Instruments Used:
  • Zacciah will make available instruments to demonstrate and work with, which can, also, be purchased.
  • If you wish to bring instruments related to this workshop, to learn more deeply in hands on practice, or to utilize in practice with others, it is highly recommended. These might include, especially, frame drums (hand-held drums, with beater, like traditional Native American or 'shamanic' drums,) rattles, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, tuning forks, some work with horns or didgeridoos.)  If you have questions about other instruments, you may bring them, and we will discuss or experience them as time permits.  You, certainly, can bring instruments for your own enjoyment during private times.
  • If you wish to reserve, or purchase instruments before hand, you may do so via our instrument website,, or by calling our office.
  • We have highly experienced staff who can assist in appropriate tools for sound healing.  We can ship them to your home, or bring them with us.

Location & Travel Information
The retreat is held on the 95 pristine acres and retreat center complex of the SpiritFire Retreat Center
407 West Leyden Road
Leyden, Massachusetts 01337

By Car
We will give best travel routes to those registered for program.

By Air, Bus, Train

The Center is near Greenfield MA & Brattleboro, VT

--bus, trains available to Greenfield/Deerfield, MA, or Brattleboro, VT.
Closest major airport is Hartford, CT (Bradlee/BDL), though Manchester, NH, Boston, MA, Albany NY, and Burlington VT are also good choices.

For internationsl travel, there is good train & bus service to the region from NYC, and Boston, MA airports.
SpiritFire will assist with transportation from Greenfield, MA, Brattleboro, VT, and when possible, Springfield MA or Hartford CT Bradlee Airport.  A fee may apply.
Taxi and Limousine service are available from BDL, Springfield, MA, Greenfield, MA or Brattleboro, VT

YOU MAY COME EARLY OR STAY LATE for an additional fee, to prepare, relax, integrate, and enjoy the exceptional services of the Retreat center.. 

spirit fire conference center

Daily Itinerary

Typical schedule format:
(All Times are ET.  
Exact times may vary.)
First day:  Arrive and register by 12:00 noon.  
Lunch begins at 12:30 PM
Program begins at 2 PM
Breaks every 1.5-2 hrs.
Practice ends 6:30 PM

At minimum, 2 evenings we will offer practice for 1-2 hrs.
Starting at 7:30-8 PM
If you are a musician, we often give time for musicians to share, improvise, or join with others in their musical offerings during at least one evening gathering.

2nd through 5th day:
Program begins between 9:45-10:00 AM
Lunch break at 1-1:30 PM
Lunch Break 1 1/2 hrs
Afternoon session ends  6:00 PM

6th day:
Program begins between 9:45-10:00 AM
Lunch at 1-1:30 PM
 Lunch Break 1 hr
Program Closes 3:00 PM
with time for Certificate Presentation ceremony

There is a possibility of travel to experience sacred sound work at an ancient ceremonial chamber.
There is also the possibility we will have a fire and drum circle.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light in Vermont
P.O. Box 389
Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone:  (802) 674-9585
Fax:  (802) 674-9586
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  Shamanic Drums, African Drums, Flutes, Bamboo flutes, Shakuhachi
Native American Flutes, Didgeridoos, much more

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Cal I doorway

Vermont Sacred Stone Chamber

fire circle with Zacciah, SpiritFire

We will use a variety of instruments throughout the week as we learn about the nature of sound and how to use various instruments, in private, personal and professional therapeutic situations, but also in reverence to the Living Elements of Earth and Sky.

About The Program
What to Expect

This is an in depth study into the nature of sound, healing, Consciousness.  We will richly epxlore the nature of sound healing, and the use of sound instruments and voice, and what is called sacred sound and intuitive sound healing practices, as well as the nature of healing and its inter-relationship with human consciousness.  
We call this our foundation training.  However, those who know our work, know that it is anything but foundational.  advanced level practitioners have found this program to be exceptional at articulating fundamental principals of understanding the nature, science, and spirit of sound as a healing practice, which, simultaneously, is offered in a way that the most basic novice has a rich and diverse understanding of the nature and use of sound in a healing practice, for themselves, or with others.

From this program, you can expect to explore:
  • Experiential and cognitive advancement of our understanding of fundamental principles and utilization of techniques of sound healing therapies
  • Exploration of the nature of Authentic Healing
  • Experiential practices and esoteric understanding of the nature of human consciousness
  • Utilize sound practices from Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism and indigenous cultures
  • Hands on practice in sound techniques with applications for personal development and the professional setting
  • Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
  • Use of voice, ancient and contemporary instruments including, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, tingshas, shangs, drum, rattles, flutes, and tuning forks in wellness and therapeutic practices
  • Practice of sound techniques to enhance personal and professional practices (especially useful for Yoga instructors, Massage/Body Therapists, and other complementary therapies)
  • Balancing and clearing techniques for the neurophysiology, chakras,etheric/subtle energy and endocrine systems
  • Using sound and consciousness practices to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being
It is highly recommended for all pursuing our program of studies.  It offers a skilled approach to the nature of sound and healing designed to be of benefit to novice and practitioner.  We approach a broad understanding of major sound healing modalities. With this foundation of understanding with the nature of sound, and the use of instruments, we begin to explore ever more deeply the use of voice, also, for personal and professional use, for practice in clearing, aligning, and energizing the human energy field, the nature of and use in invocation of allies and teachers in the subtle worlds of understanding, and much more.  
How is sound used as healing tool.  
Why is it so effective?
We each have the creative capacity to utilize our voice in healing, every day.  By setting proper awareness, and intention, we can, by speaking our truth, voicing our wounds, and touching our Divinity, and alliance with subtle realms of being, spark healing in ourselves and others.   


Our Program Facilitators
Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic StudiesZacciah  Blackburn is a gifted intuitive, teacher, and sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, VT, at the Center of Light, which he founded.   Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with Sacred Intention, as  a therapeutic tool, for personal growth and transformation.  Zacciah is a Co-Director, and Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network (SHN), formerly known as the New England Sound Healing Research Institute (NESHRI,) a worldwide community of healing practitioners broadening the awareness of sound healing through networking, education, and scientific research.  He is also co-founder & Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and the All One Now Network of organizations furthering world peace, healing, and transformation of human consciousness through simple ceremony, broadcast live via the internet.  And, Zacciah was a Founding Board Member, in the formation and evolution of the former Sound and Music Alliance, a professional association of practitioners, educators, researchers, product makers, schools and organizations, dedicated to the use of the transformative power of sound and music throughout the full spectrum of life cycles. 

Zacciah has created a broad range of trainings in sound healing practice, which couples his deep cognitive and intuitive understanding of s
ound in therapeutic application.   These programs are an in depth study of the nature of sound and its healing effect on the human system, with cognitive and experiential training designed to better our understanding of, and therapeutic application in, the use of sound.  

 brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  
We invite you to join us in this insightful and uplifting program for personal and professional development.

Dorothy Stone
Zacciah will be joined by his uniquely qualified partner Dorothy Stone, who assists us on many levels, offering her insight and wisdom, pure heart, and compelling, transformative voice, as well as in depth knowledge and experience with Sacred Chant.  Dorothy also brings decades of experience as a licensed body therapist, with years of applied sound therapies within her practice, and will offer her perspective on sound's use in bodywork.
Dorothy also overseas the needs of individuals in the program, and all logistics.  She, also, is a compassionate builder of community, which adds even greater depths to these programs!

A note on our
Therapeutic Sound Healing Training from our Teacher: 

"I so grateful to have the opportunity help broaden your awareness in the field of sound healing, and explore deep and rewarding comprehension of the use of sound as a therapeutic tool, for wellness and self realization, as a connector to the divine realm, a vehicle for channeling light energies into the earth, our bodies, spirit, and mind.  Novice and practitioners will both gain from our sound healers training.  Please let us know your level of interest.  Though my work is always based on intuitive guidance, the more aware I am of the level of abilities and interests of participants in class, the easier and more potent the work becomes.  Moreso, we are all creators in the classroom.  What we are open to, what we are ready for, what we ask for, and what we bring to each other, all opens doorways we might not have otherwise perceived.  I am also working with those seeking assistance in their own path, in private & professional studies, for personal healing, spiritual evolution, counseling, and therapies.  Please speak with us by e-mail, mail or phone, if we can be of greater assistance."
                                                         Many Blessings,
                                                            Zacciah Blackburn 


  Certificates of training are given to those completing each phase of this training, with a special presentation at the end of each series.   Certificates will indicate the level of training completed.
This program certificate will indicate the number of hours and days completed in the training.  It can serve to meet the Module I requirement in future Level I (year long) programs.
Completion of the Level I programs are a foundation for, and a requirement of, higher level studies, which will integrate deeper experiential practical application in therapeutic settings.    See Advanced Level II program information here.  Level III participation will incorporate a more in depth process of coherent process, applications of technique, intake, and supervisory guidance as a sound therapist.

Additional Program Information
What Others Are Saying About These Programs

See, also, our Articles Section for several quality articles on the Nature of Sound Healing


See listings for Level II & III programs.   Back to top of page

Zacciah accepts appointments for individual healing work or training in sound healing therapies.  This work is an eclectic blend of spiritual counseling and shamanic and sacred sound therapy, designed to help one connect with inner guidance and spiritual nourishment, clarify life issues, work with deep healing where needed, and to find one's own voice and authenticity in the world. The work is  to help you find and establish your path in your own sacred journey, to help you identify and remove obstacles to obtaining your own greatest good.  We whom have been on this journey, best understand it, and can best assist others.  Click here for more information.

You may call or e-mail Zacciah to discuss your personal needs.
You will find articles on the nature of Sound Healing linked below, which may give you further insight into this work, and a link here to Zacciah's background.                   
Please contact us for further details.

 Articles on Sound Healing  

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