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Lotus Blossom 
The GREAT AWAKENING:  The Illumination of Consciousness
  Let us all come into remembrance of the Beauty and Purpose of our existence.
The more we are able to touch into the vastness, richness, and Beauty of Creation, the more we are able to feel the deserving nature of our Presence here.  The more we realize this, the more we are able to connect with the very essence and nature of Life, with the breadth of the Cosmos, and through this, the nature, the identity and the purpose of our Being. 


The Crown of Creation

Bishop Booth Conference Center
Rock Point  Burlington, VT

February 5-6, 2011
Saturday 12:30 - 6:30 PM, Sunday 10AM - 4PM

COST:  $225. 
Catered Meals and Accommodations available
And in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain Aug 5-Sept 13, 2011

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These programs are constantly evolving due to nature of Elders information, Celestial Guides and Allies, and the Changing Times.  Thus, each Program may have different content, though will be focused on same theme.     There is no pre-requisite to attend any of the "Great Awakening" series of programs.

Preparing the Body, Mind, and Soul, for the Great Transformation in Human Consciousness;
Living, Learning, and Building Harmonious Relationships
 With All Aspects of Creation

The Crown of Creation is the latest evolution of Zacciah's work in his 2012:  The Great Awakening series of practices.
It is based in the Wisdom of the Elders of indigenous nations of the Americas, though it, also, involves esoteric understanding from ancient mystery, or 'wisdom schools', such as from Tibet, India, or Egypt.  It entails the latest release of hidden mysteries, and information, related to the Maya Prophecies, which were not revealed until the Signs of the Times determined that the time is now to reveal them.  The Elders are bringing forward more and more revelations, as It Is Time.  Simply put, it is time we determine the course of events in which we all shall participate, as co-creators of the New Reality, beyond the Doorway of December 21, 2012.  The Maya say the Calendar does not speak to what will occur beyond that time, because It Is Not Written.  It is up to what we do to determine it.
We are at the end of one cycle, and beginning of another.  We have incredible power to bring to completion the prophecies, which state we have the opportunity before us to enter new revelations, new states of ascended consciousness, yet unseen in a collective society of humanity.
It is a part of our purpose here.  And, for many of us embodied now, we came here specifically to assist in this time of new Creation.

The wisdom descending from the Elders, of the Maya, and many other Nations of the Americas, indeed, many indigenous peoples of the world, gives direct methodology as to how to enter these states of ascended consciousness, what they refer to as entering into Harmony with All Life.  One of the most direct methods of doing so, given to Zacciah by master teachers of the indigenous races, is the Three Hearts practice, which is being offered throughout Europe this year.  The primary elder who has shared this body of wisdom 
with Zacciah, Grandmother Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th Generation Wisdom Keeper of the Ywahoo Lineage of the Cherokee Nations.  These involve teachings of the Great Pale One, a prophet and teacher of luminous body practices 2700 years ago.  Grandmother has spoken about the Three Hearts, and their importance, how to enter the Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life, and, the hidden wisdom in the "Heart behind the Heart" of our Galaxy.  The Heart of our Galaxy is an incredibly important part of reality and mystical understanding for most indigenous cultures, who take far greater value in the StarNations than most modern societies understand.  In this case, however, we are speaking of the Heart of Creation.

The Crown of Creation practices begins with fundamental understandings of the Three Hearts practice, which Zacciah is offering throughout North American and Europe this year.  It, then, moves into the wisdom in the Heart behind the Heart, and what awaits there, the wisdom to enter in our creative potential, what Zacciah is referring to, as, the Crown of Creation

It aligns with our highest wisdom and potential, that beyond the normal awareness of most human beings, in harmony with the Rhythm of the Heart of All Life, and the ability to seed our potential into the highest forms of creation.

This can awaken our highest powers of creation, such as inner seeing, instantaneous healing, and so much more.
True personal power.  Authentic being.  Our inherent Divine nature.
What the Maya Elders distinctly state, is far beyond most of our normal comprehension.
In large part, it is up to us, what we are ready to enter into, to open to, both at the highest levels of Creation, but, also, the highest levels of creation within ourself.  And to integrate the harmony between the two.
This is how they become one.
And a path to an actualized state of Unity Consciousness, in which we, literally, experience the Unity of Life.
It is what modern culture is lacking in its fundamental understanding of, and approach to life, and what most indigenous and wisdom school cultures experience as the foundation to life.

In order to attain, or sustain it, it may require us to look deep into the tissue of our own existence, what many in the contemporary world call the shadow self.
But, for those ready to enter the highest levels of their own potential, these practices will serve to assist us, first, to enter into a state of Harmony with All Life, then, to sustain it, and, finally, to enter into the higher evolutionary spiral of our own existence as Creators of the Highest Integrity and ability to work with the Higher Intelligences of the Universe.

The Elders specifically state that the nature of these practices, to enter into Harmony with All Life, is what is necessary to make safe and sacred passage through these times.
The Three Hearts practices will provide this understanding for you.

The Crown of Creation is for those who are ready to go much further.

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** Add'l Info/Background

additional information on the nature and evolution of this program

Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth
These programs evolve from traditional wisdom and new information arising from indigenous elders of the Americas, as well as esoteric teachings of other cultures, and explicit guidance from our Celestial Guides and Allies, those we call 'the Holy Beings.'  They are known by many names throughout the many cultures of the world.
We are in a time of profound transformation.  Much of this wisdom is being generated publicly for the first time, as the Maya High Council, and other elders, are disseminating very specialized information regarding the prophecies of 2012, known also as The Great Awakening, the Great Shift.  Much of the information has not been shared publicly before.  It includes sacred meditative practices, based on this wisdom, designed to generate potent states of consciousness, which can create and sustain the level of awareness necessary, according to the Elders, to make safe and sacred passage through These Times, as well as to create the necessary catalyst for collective change for humanity, as the prophecies predict is and shall occur.
It is said these practices will bring one into "Harmony with All Life."
They have the capacity to generate Awakened states of consciousness, experience true unity withLife.

more about this practice, click here
For additional information on the background of this entire series of programs  see The Great Awakening,
as well as our many Articles.
For information specific to the 3 Hearts practice, read this article,
or our newsletters from May - July 2010, as well as listening to our Interview on the 3 Hearts Practice.
The foundation of these programs is constantly updated from information arising from the Elders and Wisdom Keepers guiding this work.  Though constantly evolving, practical exercises to enter awakened lucid states of consciousness (what is also refered to as enlightenment, or ascended states of consciousness,) will be offered, utilizing Sacred Sound, which will enhance the participants experience significantly.
These are being offered, also, at a time in deep correspondence to the Maya Calendar days of great Transformation, Awakening, and Renewal.
We are in a time when a new window of opportunity is opening for human consciousness to more readily access understanding and experience of the Unity of Creation.  This is fundamental understanding to this entire period of time, and will be specific to our practice. 
Join with us, in these sacred programs, humbly offered.
It is Time.

We wish you, all, many blessings in the Journey


Contact for registration and questions:
For General Questions on this program, or location, contact: 
our center
You must pay in full by due dates to receive early discounts.
You may register and pay at the door, but will save time with pre-registration, and must pre-register for meals or rooms..
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  • Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 4:30 PM EST.
  • PHONE:  802.674.9585
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  •  Ascutney VT 05030  USA
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Location and Directions

Our Feb 2011 practice is at the beautiful
Bishop Booth Conference Center,
Rock Point, Burlington, VT

Bishop Booth Center is an ecumenical retreat center, open to all forms of spiritual development.  It is located on a unique, and pristine geologic formation, prominent on Lake Champlain.  It provides a prviate, enriching and nourishing backdrop to our work, which will allow us to deepen our overall experience during this practice.

Those who truly wish to sink into the experience, we recommend you stay at the Center.

It is just a few minutes from downtown Burlington, and available by Taxi
within 10-20 minutes of major bus (Greyhound,) train (Amtrak,) and airports (BTV-Burlington.)
It is less than 1 1/2 hours from Montreal,
and approx. 10 minutes off I-89 with easy access to major cities of the Northeast.

Bishop Booth Center, Rock Point, Burlington, VT

A time to renew and revitalize.
Enjoy the exquisite grounds of this unique geological landscape.
There are acres to explore, though in winter, you may want snowshoes or cross country skis.
Before or after the practice, you may do so.


(see exceptions below.)

Meals and Accommodations are not included in the program fee, but are available.
To insure inclusion, place your room and meal order by Jan 25, or ask our offices if there is still time, if later than Jan 25.
If later than Jan 25, it will be most beneficial if you include these reservations in your registration, especially, if registering by fax, on line or by mail, and we will only charge them if they are available, and inform you either way, usually within 24 hrs.

The Bishop Booth Conference Center provides lodging as needed.
Rooms are simple, comfortable and spacious, with 2-4 twin beds per room.
Couples may select a double room and slide beds together.  There are no joined double or queen beds.

You may select single or double room choices.  We will match doubles upon request, but reserve the right to refund the fee and reservation, or charge for a single room (your choice), if we do not have enough people apply for multiple roomates.  (Worse case scenario, if there is one left out of a double, we will ask if you would utilize a triple with an existing pair of doubles roommates!)

If you prefer, you may make a secondary choice of triple or quadruple (3 or 4 to a room), but pay for a double, and we will do our best to match you with others.  If we can provide the triple or double, we will refund the balance at the program.   HOWEVER, if there are not enough roommates, you will have to accept double occupancy.  Or, as above noted, if there are not enough double roommates, we reserve the right to ask you to select a single room, or we will refund your fee and cancel your reservation.
We will do all we can to provide doubles, but simply cannot guarantee til everyone has booked their rooms.
Otherwise, once reserved, there are no refunds, as per our stated policy, more than 30 days in advance.

There are no private bathrooms.  All rooms share baths.
 FRIDAY NIGHT rooms are no longer available.
Room FEES:
Per PersonSingleDouble Triple Quad
1st night$75.00$45.00$40.00$35.00
Add'l Nights$65.00$35.00$30.00$25.00


You will find comfortable social areas, extraordinary grounds, wholesome meals, and plenty of quiet throughout the remainder of the weekend.
You may arrive as early as Friday afternoon, and leave as late as Monday morning.
You may be asked to perform basic cleanup of your room (pull sheets for laundry, insure you have left no mess.)

You, of course, may search the web for the many fine motels, hotels, inns, and Bed and Breakfasts in the Burlington area, and make other choices for your accommodations.


Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be available during the program.
Bring a snack if you would like to share with others.
Restaurants are an easy drive from the program venue.
Please note the hours on Saturday (12:30-6:340 PM) without a meal break.  We recommend you eat before arrival, unless you book lunch below.  Or, be sure to bring something to snack during the longer afternoon practice on Saturday.

Sunday we do break for lunch.  You may bring your own, go to a local restaurant, or purchase one from us
, to enjoy at the Center.
Wholesome Meals are available through the Center.  
Natural and whole foods are the focus of each meal.
We hope to provide sample menus at a later time.

You must pre-order and pay for meals a week in advance, or ask if there is still time to order.
Once reserved, there are no refunds, as per our stated policy, more than 30 days in advance.

If you are staying at the Center, you will have to provide your own meals other than those listed below. 
We are providing these meals for your convenience.
If we do not receive ten reservations for any meal, it may be cancelled, and your moneys will be refunded.
We expect ample attendees for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch.  The other meals will be more dependent on those traveling distances to be present.

MEALSBreakfast  $11.00 each
Sunday only
8-9 AM
Lunch  $15.00 each

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
(before practice begins)

Sunday approx 1 PM
Dinner $20.00 each
Saturday only
7:00 PM
 to insure the reservation can be accepted.  Late registrants may be able to purchase these, as the discretion of the conference center.  If you are registering after that time, please include those options you wish, and we will inform you if they are available and have been charged.  (They will not be charged if not available.)

For information specific to the 3 Hearts practice,
read our newsletters from May - July 2010, as well as listening to our Interview on the 3 Hearts Practice.

 This program is facilitated by, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, a highly skilled intuiive teacher and guide in sound healing and esoteric awareness practices for true awakening of consciousness.  He has worked in the field for over 3 decades, offers a 3 year program in therapeutic sound healing practices, and teaches internationally a variety of esoteric trainings in consciousness and earth healing practices.
He is Director of Education for the International Sound Healing Network.

Zacciah's work has long focused on the emerging transformation of human consciousness.

This work, 
The Great Awakening, continues a series of programs explicit to this new era of awakening which humanity is entering, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.

The Great Awakening
will offer keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offer each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge.  These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ,  which can heighten our sense of Living Reality.  The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative.  At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives.

Triple or Quad

Sebastopol Center of the Arts
      Sebastopol, CA

Library                                                                                                                                               One of several social areas


Directions to Bishop Booth, from Downtown Burlington:
Take North Ave, north, out of downtown Burlington area, one to two miles.
It becomes less populated, especially on the bluffs over the lake to your left.
There is a conspicuous series of buildings which are part of the Catholic Diocese, including a small chapel.
Just shortly beyond that is the Burlington High School property, with athletic areas, parking, and the main campus building, also on the left.
There is a highway sign that says "North Beach,"  turn left.
This is Institute Rd.
Take that left, past the High School...the High School is now on your right.
IMMEDIATELY after the High School property watch for a small driveway on the right, with a stone fence opening, and two blue signs, which say Rock Point and/or the Bishop Booth Conference Center.
This is Rock Point Rd.
Take a right into the property.  If you missed it, you would dead-end in a hundred feet in the parking area of the North Beach park.

In the Bishop Booth property, you first pass a large building which is a youth camp center, the Rock Point School, on the left.
The road will constantly bear right through 1/2 mile of roadways, with several forks, in which you consistently bear right.
One fork is labeled the Diocesan offices, continue to right until the end, and you will see the Bishop Booth Conference Center, made of three buildings in close proximity, and signs into the Center, where our registration table will be.

      Map and Directions

Why is this the "Crown of Creation?"

We have been following, and sharing with you, the Elders Wisdom relating to the purpose behind the Three Hearts and Crown of Creation practices.
The Maya and Grandmother's wisdom which brought us to offer the Three Hearts practice is very explicit as a method to "enter into Harmony with All Life," why this is critical, and especially pertinent to today's times of great chaos and transformation, as we enter the New Birthing, the New Awakening, relating to the prophecied times of 2012.

Specific, also, to this wisdom, is wisdom relating to the "Heart behind the Heart," of the Galaxy.
This is very important information to wisdom cultures of the indigenous Americas.
The "Heart of the Galaxy," while perhaps beyond the understanding of the typical Western mind, is a birthing place of souls, and through it, exists an incredible gateway to other worlds, and the Heart of Creation.

The Maya and other indigenous peoples, speak to this as the birthing place of souls, as well as a powerful gateway to other dimensional realities.

The Elders and Indigenous Nations speak to the Heart of our Galaxy, and the "Heart behind that Heart," as the Gateway to the Ninth Heaven, or Ninth Dimension, a powerful vortex to enter the heights of our creative potential, and our origins.

These are the mysteries unfolding within this work we speak of as "The Three Hearts."
I cannot share more here.  For, it requires the full spectrum of knowledge and understanding that accompanies this body of wisdom.
We shall explore this during this practice.

Do you experience life in harmony with all life, with the nature of all life?
Do you realize we are intended, and it is our natural, inherent, and in actuality, inalienable right, to live in harmony with all life?
Do you realize how much we, as a culture, have been taught to live out of balance and harmony, and how this is the fundamental impact of our civilization on all nature, whether ecologically, socially, morally, physiologically, mentally, emotionally?
That all dysfunction, pollution, social discord, etc, comes from living out of harmony with life, and our fundamental nature?

Have you noticed the growing discord in our environment, the growing social unrest, etc?

Would you like an understanding of, and methodology to experience, life in harmony again?

The Elders have shared with us specific wisdom, as well as ....  methodology of how to remove feelings of chaos, stress, and anxiety in our lives.
They are sharing a growing amount of wisdom regarding the prophecies of 2012, much of which has not been publicly revealed before the past year.
They are revealing this information with a growing urgency, as the signs are being revealed, that it is time, and that the times of great transformation and awakening are upon.
There are specific things we need to do, to insure safe passage through these times.

Have you wondered how to invoke, or create your intentions for growth, wellness, prosperity, etc, at the highest levels of creation?
Perhaps this is why they are not unfolding as you feel they should.

Come and experience the potential to do just this, in simple, loving, grateful ways, approaching the heart of the cosmos, to seed your intent from the highest levels of your own integrity and yearning.

Many blessings to all. 
Zacciah Blackburn
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Programs are constantly being added and updated
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What we invest our power in, in our own belief structure, creates the reality that we experience.

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