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The Heart of Magdalene
The Heart of Magdalene, Renne le Chateau, France
Inviting the Beloved
 A Sacred Journey
Into The Heart of France
and our own Divine Essence
with the Guidance of the Magdalene, the Three Marys,
 and other Key Components of the Sacred Ancient Mysteries

May 14-28, 2011
Rennes Les Chateau, France
With journeys to the
Caves, Cathedrals, & Sacred Sites, at Baume, Marseilles, & Toulose, Fr,
St Maries de la Mer, Rennes les Bains, &
Montsigor regions of France
Awakening the Golden Trinity of Earth, Heart, and Sky
cathar temple mt. sigor 1

Working with the Living Energies of the Earth,
the Ancestral & Celestial Passageways, Pathways, and Gateways
Of Earth and Sky,
with a special opportunity to experience the unique essences of
Egyptian High Tantra (optional practices)
To Enhance Personal Spiritual Development and Transformation, Self Awakening, Sacred Relationship

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This program will be fully translated into German for our German speaking participants
  Jesus Crowning Magdalene, Toulose, France

magdalene, neolithic site near rennes les chateau

       Serpent in Cathedral in Toulose

Cave at Baumes, France

Deep in the Heart of Southern France, there is a region steeped in ancient mysteries.  Here, are 3-10,000 year old pre-historic ruins, 2000 year old living mysteries and mythologies of the 3 Mary's, of Mary Magdalene, of Saint Saruah, the girl accompanying them on their landing in Southern France, andSarah.of.Magdalne.StMariesdelaMer.France others important to the early Christian mystics; the legends of the Cathar and Templar cultures abide here, who defied traditional Christianity of their time, in honor of these saints, and other more ancient mysteries, the Mysteries of the Ancient Mother cultures; and the Black Madonnas, arising from those ancient Goddess mysteries of the region, a body of wisdom and belief the Church could not repress, no matter how hard it tried.  Isis, Inanna, Sophia, the names remain, hidden, but very present.  Here, it has always been alive.  Even today.

And, then, there are the mysteries held within the Earth Herself.  Many speak to those mysteries she holds, from those in her very nature, to those which have been embedded in her body, and sacred temples, by the Ancient Wisdom Keepers of the time, in order to preserve them, in preparation for this distant time.  These are the Termas, the hidden mysteries, awaiting our time of re-awakening, of re-emerging, the time when we find ourselves ready, able, and mature enough to open to these ancient mysteries, embedded in the Earth and her sacred temples, more fully; ready to embody them, like the essence of the Jewel of our own Divine Being.  The mysteries are here, awaiting us.  The Gateways fully present.
We shall explore them.

In the region of Rennes Les Chateau, there is a temple Earth, with caves, canyons, ancient oak, spring, mountains, and waterfalls nestled in a cradle, an ark; a womb of the Ancient Mother.  Here, in the Heart of the Mother, we will explore, rest, nourish, bathe, replenish, and reach into the Ancient Wisdom—the Wisdom of the Place, the Spirits who guide us here, the Wisdom of our own pre-historic indigenous roots, the early Wisdom and Goddess cultures, to the roots of our present day culture—the Black Madonna, the Ancient Mother Goddess, the Living Earth, and the precious life force and consciousness of the Sky and greater Cosmos.  How do they interrelate?  How do they serve us today?  To activate, elevate, awaken, nourish, ascend, in this Time of our own Awakening and Re-emerging? 
The roots of many Meditteranean cultures are anchored here.  Ishtar, Inana, Isis, Sophia, Shekinah, Chokmah, Diana; the roots are deep, the names vastly cover the mysteries of this region of the world.  We shall learn to honor and enter the sanctuary of these ancestral roots, learn to honor and enter relationship with the living energies of the Earth and Sky present here.  And, learn to awaken our own deepest core of Self; to honor the Divine, the Beloved, aspect of Self.

In the final days of practice, we have the opportunity to enter the Sacred Space of Egyptian High Tantra.  These are optional practices, for those who wish to journey longer, and deeper.  Zacciah offers Tantra taught directly from its lineage bearers, the Ancients Ones of the Egyptian Trilogy.  Those who bear names of Sekhmet, Isis, Hat’or; and their consorts, P’tah, Ra, Horus, Osiris.  These are ancient and powerful practices of purest intimacy.  With explicit empowerments of Self, Deity, and Beloved Partner.  They are unlike most traditional practices known as Tantra;  but, take us deeper into the root of intimacy, Divine Union, and ecstasy.

Only those willing to utilize these teachings for the Highest Good shall be able to enter.

Zacciah has a unique method of connecting to these ancestral roots, to the living energies of Earth and Sky.  He will guide us in sacred ceremony, ancient indigenous ritual, and guided sound meditations, which will allow us to travel deep into the heart of these mysteries, deep into the Heart, of Earth, Sky, the Sacred Self, and Sacred Relation with that we hold as the Beloved.

Starting in Southern France, meeting in Marseilles, while our European counterparts have the option of driving with our hosts from Switzerland, we begin.
The Itinerary to the tour is in this link below.  Costs and Registration information.  About our hosts.
Additional logistical information will be added in the future.
For now, enjoy the journey.

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Montsegur, France, home of the Cathar MysteriesThe outposts, the Gateways:
Embedded in the Body of the Living Earth are ancient mysteries.  Our forebears planted them there.  In Tibet they are known as the Termas.  Other cultures use other names.  The Hall of Records.  The Invisible Books.  The Unseen Libraries of Knowledge, which store the ancient Knowing of the Peoples of the time.  They were hidden, in order to preserve their integrity during the times of darkness which were approaching...those times, which now, are ending.
When entering Right Relationship with the Living Energies of the Place, the Gateways to these Libraries of Knowledge can be opened.
There are explicit methodologies for doing so, which we shall experience.
Sky From Rennes Les Chateau, toward the PyreneesThe Cities of Light
Another of the Great Mysteries of ancient times are the "Cities of Light" which anchor ancient wisdom, and in which the Lineage Carriers of that wisdom reside.  They are ethereal cities in the subtle worlds.  The Tibetans call it the Sambhogaya, the "Pure Lands of Light and Sound, where the Holy Beings Dwell."  They are known by many names, Shamballah, the City of David, the City of St Germain, the City of Amenti.

These ethereal cities contain potentized wisdom and understanding, beyond normal human conception.  
When utilizing our highest fields of understanding and illumination, we may gain access to them.
The Black Madonnas
Those who have not studied the mysteries of the Black Madonnas, or lived in, or visited regions of the world where they co-exist with contemporary societies, may find the level and quality of their existence startling.  Many regions of Europe, and much of Central and South America understand and continue devotional awareness of the Living Goddesses, the tertiary state of the Goddess, and the "Dark Mother", also still revered in India as Kali and Durga, in Tibet as the Black Tara, in Africa as The Mistress of Heaven, as well as Yemanja, the Queen of the Oceans; in Egypt as Sekhmet and Isis, depending on the lineage of study.
Her Presence is embedded in our collective memory, and psyche.
She is the Great Devourer, the Great Transformer, but, also, The Benevolent Queen of Heaven, the Mother Goddess of All Life, the One who gives life, and the One who takes our suffering and transforms it through her infinite Love of us as her Children.
We shall work with these states of awareness to enter Living Relations with this Queen of Heaven, and the removal of obstacles to our own Evolution and Elevation.
Rennes Les Baines, FranceThe Place:
While moving about the region, we shall anchor our work in Rennes les Baines, an ancient and mystical village, poetic, and romantic.  It is a place 'out of time,' setting like a womb in the fabric of the Earth, a place richly nourishing, with hot springs, and soothing falls, sweet ancient stone streets, and a historic and quaint inn waiting to host us, with the rushing waters of the spring fed river lulling us to sleep next to our rooms.
shiva-shaktiThe Tantric Mysteries
These, also, are tertiary in nature.  Many Wisdom Schools teach some form of Tantra, which is fundamentally an understanding of the Weaving of Threads of Consciousness into the Tapestry of Life.
They come in three stages.  
Union with Self (Higher, True, Divine Self;)  Union with the Divine (what are known as "Self Generation" practices, or "Deity Yoga" in Eastern Schools of the Mysteries;) fundamentally, incorporating the intelligence, wisdom, compassion, and other qualities of the living beings of the higher/evolved/attained realms of realization, into our own consciousness, to assist us to come into those elevated states of our own being;  And, finally, but certainly not least, Union with the Beloved.  The Beloved can be seen as either of the first two, and at some level of our existence, must be.  However, in this case, it is Union with the One with whom who we are in, or ready to enter, Sacred Relationship, at the deepest levels of core intimacy.
This is where these teachings differ, and I suspect, go further, than most Wisdom Schools are currently teaching, unless in hidden doorways.
It is direct access to the utilization of knowledge of the energetic passages and conscious pathways within self and each other, through which we can enter, explore, and attain to the Deepest, or Highest, states of Union with another, in 'physical' relations.
It, also, is the exploration of ultimate sexuality.

These sacred practices are open only for those who seek to enter the practices with the clearest authenticity, and integrity, and the desire to utilize this wisdom with only the highest regard for those we are in, or seek to enter, relationship with.
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Reaching into the Ancestral Wisdom
 of Ancient Earth Keepers, (Western culture's) Mystical Traditions,
The Sky Beings, and the Wisdom of our own Being  

Sacred Union
Magdalene holding the essence of our heart energy, using her as a voice and vehicle to approach the ancient mothers,
ancient wisdom, and body of heartbeat of the Earth
Work with the Creative Matrix, of Living Relations with the Wisdom keepers and Ancestral allies of the Earth,
The ancient allies of the Sky and Celestial Realms, to bring forward the Pure Matrix of Heaven and Earth.  
 The Landing Point of the 3 Marys, with Saruah, the black 'servant' who was revered as Saint.

The shrine of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Saint Sarah, also known as Sara-la-Kali ("Sara the Black", Romani: Sara e Kali), is the mythic patron saint of the Roma (Gypsy) people. 
The center of her veneration is Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a place of pilgrimage for Roma in the Camargue, in southern France. 
                                                            -- From Wikipedia

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