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Voices of the Sacred Feminine
 NewsBank Conference Center, Chester, VT
Saturday, Sunday, May 5-6, 2012

See full program information here
COST:  $150 Until April 10 (Tues), 2012, Then $225. 
Add $15. for Sunday lunch

 Additional Information below



  **  General Information  **  Registration  **  Location and Directions ** 
Meals & Lodging  ** Add'l Info/Background

     Additional INFORMATION

The Three Mothers
The Three Powers of Creation

 I greatly look forward to joining with you in the 3 Mothers practice.
This information is primarily for those who hav registered for the practice, though those who have interest in joining us may find it beneficial.

DateSat 12:30-6:30 PM,  May 5, 2012
            Sun 10 AM - 4 PM, May 6

Please note start time on Sat.
We begin at 12:30 to give people time to drive from long distance, or take care of other important personal things on the weekend before coming to the practice.

Please eat lunch before your arrival, or bring something to tide you over.
Snacks will be available.  Lovely cafes are in town, just a block or two from us.
IF you have not purchased a Sunday lunch ticket, and wish to eat with us, please do so at least by Tuesday before the event.
We have a convenient PayPal button on our site for this purpose, see this and all program information at:
  •  http://thecenteroflight.net/TheThreeMothers.html

We have reserved some less expensive ROOMS in a private home, kept unoccupied, for use by Conference Center attendees, close to the center, should you wish to stay with us. 

CALL JULIE JONES, our office manager, weekdays 10-5 to reserve one, if you have not!  

Our Sunday World Healing Service will involve an offering of waters to the Earth.
We have waters gathered from sacred springs and sites around the world.  We will charge these, and bless these for the entire practice, and a special prayer service at the end, then share them with you to distribute around the world, wherever you see fit.  Use them homeopathically, a few drops here and there, or offer them entirely into a body of water you feel a special kinship with.

We ask, if you wish, and are able, that you bring a small amount of water from places close to you, natural springs, rivers, lakes, ponds, that can be mixed with these waters.
Additional important information regarding this ceremony is HERE, and beneficial to read.

Please plan on arriving at least 20-30 minutes prior to this event, to insure you have time to park, acclimate to the environ, register with our staff, visit friends or new acquaintances, find a place to settle in, attend to your personal needs, and BE READY TO BEGIN.
If you are not familiar with our work, please read this entire page.
If you have come before, we ask that you read information
HERE, though there is other information beneficial to this practice, you may wish to refer to, below!

352 Main St
Chester, VT  05143
The program is in Chester at a beautiful conference center of the NewsBank organization.
Chester is a very endearing Vermont Village, with lovely shops, restaurants, inns and B&B's.
You can see links to Chester accommodations, directions, a map, and a link to a google map on line at:
All program information is here:

Preparing yourself, to make the most of this work.

We are in a time of profound transformation.
You have heard me say this before.
It is time to come into visceral realization of this, and to enter deep, reverent, cohesive states of awareness, integral to our own wisdom, nature, and being.  It is time to do the transformational work we all have prepared for our selves to do, to enter those cohesive states of our true essence.
This practice will assist us in this very directly in this process.
I ask you to come prepared to do the work!  It will be joyful, humbling, empowering, enlightening, if you come ready to truly participate.  What you bring in willingness will be rewarded in what you take away as the gifts of Grace available to us through this work.

In this practice, we will engage in deep healing ceremonies.   We often call upon powerful allies of the subtle worlds to assist us in casting off sheathings of all past traumas, and encumbrances, as well as past life and genetic imprints layered in our consciousness, which do not serve us, to release, and to restore our true essence, the Original Instructions, and the Crystalline Matrix of Light and Life which is our birthright and inherent nature.  We call upon Holy Beings of pure realms and frequencies of consciousness to assist us to dissolve all encumbrances of these natures, and awaken our true essence, our source being.  Many of your own guides and teachers will be gathered with us for this work.  Many of you can see, and feel, even now, that this is a potent gift offering.  Come prepared.  Feel the joy in your body, even now, rising up for for-giveness and liberation.  Feel the part that has sheathed you, ready to be shed like the skin of a serpent who has outgrown its own sheathing, there, in its time, for a purpose, but NO LONGER SERVING.  There are two aspects to this, the release, and the resolution or attunement, to the refined states of our being, which we will invite to come back forward from that point of origin.  Sit with this.  Prepare.  Be ready to receive, to awaken, to renew.

In a final offering, we shall engage in the Ba, or SoulStar Initiations.  You may read about these in my recent newsletters.  See:  http://thecenteroflight.net/CenterNews.html
It is probably the most profound tool for awakening I have experienced, no matter how many times I experience it.  I look forward to this time of renewal.

Invite your friends who have not yet decided to come!
And, we will have 3 recent studio recorded CD's of main practices we engage in.  If you wish, you may carry them home to continue the work, to remind you of all you walk through in each practice, this weekend, to deepen the experience.

I highly recommend taking some time in these remaining days, to ask for guidance & preparation, to ask for that which is holding you back, that which is encumbering you, to come forward, ready to be dissolved, released, and transformed into the higher, more clear aspects of who you truly are as a luminous being.
It is up to you to prepare the space, to do the work you have come here to do.
Simply sitting quietly in reflection, setting clear intent, asking for that most beneficial to resolve, or attenuate our awareness to, is appropriate to this.

The better prepared and ready to enter luminous state of our being, we each are, the greater will be the benefit of the practice, for us all!

Sunday afternoon, we will complete with a world healing service, in which we are asked to charge the waters of life with our prayers and offerings, through our light and voice. What can we bring to the altar after we have truly received our own gifts of awakening, to assist planetarily at this time?  You most likely know of the Emoto water crystal effect.  We shall utilize this knowledge to baptize the waters of the world, with our prayers, to share through the world, as we go home.

For additional information on the nature of this program, click here:
See: http://thecenteroflight.net/Articles.html for all articles and newsletters on this body of work.
And, to see more news on the program, or to sign up to our newsletter for future program announcements and articles, if you have not:
    • Feel free to share this information with others whom may benefit from it!
We have moved to this new, world class facility, and can accommodate others who may wish to join us.
I look forward to seeing you.
Many blessings in all you are doing.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


Other info, Accommodations, MEALS

    Sat lunch:  we begin at 12:30 PM; we ask that you eat before your arrival, or bring something to tide you over til supper.
    Sat DINNER:  Many of our guests like to find a location for a group meal, and we may assist you in that process, should you have interest.
There are ample quality cafes and restaurants in Chester.
    Sunday Lunch:   We will provide a menu for sandwiches from a quality deli in Sunday Lunch, $15. please pay now, if you have not:
Planned menu; subject to change:
  • organic salad bar with mixed greens
  • assorted vegetables
  • cheeses
  • breads/rolls
  • hummus  and choice of dressings
  • rice salad with cranberries, toasted walnuts, blue cheese (optional), dressed with maple balsamic
  • fresh fruit
  • carrot cake (spelt flour and maple and/or agave syrup)  
  • assorted teas and coffee
You may bring meals, or walk to a local restaurant for lunch on Sunday.  
We are in walking distance to cafes and restaurants in town. 
This event is held regardless of weather conditions. 
We are in peak spring time.  We suggest taking time to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this region during your stay!!

Sales items
Through the years, as a service to the many who have asked me 'where did you get that ........(book, CD, djembe, dorje,....)..., etc...', I have created a business supplying these treasured items to others.
We will have quality instruments, sound healing tools, special crystals from Tibet, books, CD's, statuary from Egypt, and other sacred objects for your perusal.
Feel free to look at our website www.sunreed.com to see if there is any instrument you want to be sure we bring with us for you to check out.  We obviously, cannot bring our entire stock with us, but will be glad to try to accommodate your wishes to look over items of interest to you.
We may have some of our special photos of "Earth and Sky" or Sacred Sites on hand.
We are a registered business, and do charge 6% VT sales tax on purchases.
We have several staff to assist you with questions for these items.
Feel free to take time before and after the program, or during breaks, to look and listen to our offerings.

Dorothy will have her Biomat available for private sessions and just to try out.
Speak with her to sign up, there will not be enough time for everyone who wishes to try this unique engineering device, which couples crystal generated ions with infrared light spectrums, to create a deep spectrum for healing and wellness at a cellular level.
Contact her at dstone@gmavt.net or 802.324.5574 to reserve time.
See this link for full information on this unique biotuning device:
Time in Chester
Chester is a unique, beautiful, and enticingly rich taste of rural Vermont.  The quaint village and green are lined with shops, antiques, natural and quality food offerings.  It is the home of the Vermont Country Store, among others.  Take time, if you do not travel to Vermont often, to share in the Vermont experience.  There are exquisitely beautiful roads and trails in the region to partake of the countryside.  We can help with these should you want more information.

Zacciah's Time

For those whom have not worked with Zacciah before, you will find him to be most amicable and approachable during class time and long breaks.  During classes, he carries a good deal of energy for the entire group. 
  • During breaks, this may require his undivided attention, often needing to check in with guidance as he "fine tunes" program content, exercises, etc.  Please be sensitive to this and give space to his needs during shorter breaks. 
  • You will find ample opportunity for in depth and personal questions and answers during class time.
  • He is available for more social conversation during longer breaks such as lunch.
  • For in depth personal questions, and guidance, which does not feel appropriate to ask during the group work, or not pertaining it, please schedule a private session with Zacciah, see: 
We appreciate your understanding.

If you have not booked a room yet and are in need, we recommend you look at our site or the Chester business site for this service:

We have blocked off some inexpensive ROOMS in a private home, kept unoccupied, for this purpose, close to the program location, should you wish to stay with us. 
CALL JULIE weekdays 10-5 to register!  802.674.9585

Emergency Contact
In case of emergency need for contact with me or my staff from 1-5 PM Friday, and Sat from 9 AM until the end of this event, please use my cell phone.  

Any other times, please use our home offices for your questions and contact.
  • 802.674.9585
Thank you for understanding this!

To Bring: 
Plan on comfortable clothes.
Comfortable solid chairs are available. If you need cushions, backjacks, or blankets, please bring them.
Bring a notepad and pen if you choose to take notes or journal.  Many find this valuable, and we do occasionally use journaling after a practice as a technique to move deeper into the work.

Openings remain,
if you know others whom might have interest in joining us.  Feel free to share this information with them, or, Please, have them contact us!

Many blessings

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
The Center of Light


These programs offer a rich, dynamic opportunity to enter into awakened states of consciousness, understand more about our innate self, and relationship to the greater whole, as well as each other.

Those of you whom have attended these programs in the past know the extraordinary nature of these programs.
We highly recommend you set aside ample time this week for self preparation and setting clear intentions, and that you might, also, invite those those whom might best work with you, to come to the greatest and most beneficial realizations over the course of this program.  As you read the nature of the program, you should realize we intend to dive into great depths of work, for our own growth, but also to come into greater service for the collective good.

I ask that you:
Bring a clear spirit ready to share and learn, and ready to be transformed.
This is, for most individuals, powerfully transformative work.
You can assist your own participation to be in its fullest potential, if you take some time for preparation.
  • I recommend that you engage in simple awareness/meditation practices, just 'tuning in', asking yourself where places of harmony or disharmony reside within you, and, how you can clarify or come into balance with these.  Listen.  Listen to the response.  Take notes, journal, if you wish, to bring these messages more fully into your cognitive centers.  Bring them with you to work on over the weekend.
  • Note the nature and quality of work we shall be engaging in at the newsletter link above, to assist you in these preparations.  Just putting emphasis of your awareness on these qualities shall assist those qualities to arise which could most benefit from this work, within your own psyche.
  • It would be beneficial to set aside a time each day, at least 2-3 times before we begin, to check in, in this way, or in your own way, as well as to set a clear intention. 
  • An example of clear intention setting might be:
  • "I wish to enter into these practices with an open heart and spirit, to explore and learn more deeply, about the nature of who I am, and my role, at this time, in this Universe.  May I be a ready vessel to open to those possibilities for growth, deeper, and clearer understanding, which present themselves to me at this time, during this practice, and daily in my life.  May I be an instrument to bring forward universal awareness, abundance, and peace, to others in my life.  I invite in those beings and forces of Universal consciousness, whom can best assist me at this time, for my highest growth, awakening, and understanding.  In a sacred way, I ask these things at this time. Thanks be to all aspects of Creation."

I, also, highly suggest you plan ample time after each day, and, if possible, after the end of the program, to relax into, and integrate, the deep and rich tapestry of energies you are likely to find yourself bathing in at the end of each day of this program.  It will assist you over rushing back into your everyday lives.  Also, be attentive, that you will not re-enter your life as you were before the program.  You will, most of us, be in a more elevated and awakened state of being.  Be kind to yourself, and to others, and take time with any life altering decisions.  Others in your life may not realize that you are in a different place.  We recommend you hold compassion in relations with others.

We offer our humble thanks for your participation in this great work, and send you Many Blessings!
This is not just about personal transformation, but in doing the work which will bring us into balance and harmony with universal principals, incorporating those principals into our lives, and bringing them forward into all our relations, in service to this great time of transformation for the entire planet.  Many teachers speak to this time as important to the harmonic unfolding at levels even beyond our imagination, at universal proportions.  Each step we take is important and beneficial, beyound our normal understanding, to the unfolding of harmonic principals within the universe itself.

I dearly look forward to seeing you so many of you again, meeting several new faces, and working with you these two precious days!!
In a sacred way, we offer these trainings for our own elevation, and for the awakening of all humanity.
May we each serve in our own capacity for this.  For each step we take, each action, in harmony with the Whole, we do indeed assist all others in their own capacity for development.


Though Zacciah utilizes sound during practices, you are not required to join in any sound work.  There usually are opportunities to join with simple voice exercises.  We often use a simple guided chant or are asked to make a sound from the heart to give voice to our feelings.    However, there is no need for any kind of training or need to have "a voice".  All it takes is an authentic heart to easily join in.

The manner in which Zacciah uses sound is different than most people have experienced.  It is coupling sound with heightened states of consciousness, which allows others to more readily enter into advanced states of awareness.
It is not an experience that can easily be described.  Yet, it is not uncommon for participants to come away feeling deeply transformed.

Zacciah uses, primarily, his voice, but does, also, use a variety of sound instruments (Crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells, Native drums, rattles, etc.)  While there may be the possibility to join in a chant with your own drum or rattle, it will not be a major focus of the work in this practice.
You can learn more about the nature of Sacred Sound as Zacciah uses it at:

Upcoming Programs
Several times a year we offer programs in our ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS Series, utilizing the tools of the Egyptian Pantheon, Tibetan and Hindu, Western and Indigenous wisdom, and other esoteric schools of learning.
Besides our monthly Sound Healing Trainings, and our sacred journeys, our next practice will be the THREE MOTHERS, Aspects of the Divine Feminine, in Chester, Vermont, May 5-6.  We hope you can join us!

We also are providing sacred tours & retreats, such as  Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth, and, the TREE OF LIFE, the Sacred Temples of the Earth program, here in New England, in the next year.

You may view our latest list of programs, including upcoming ones in CAN, EUROPE with plans for a summer sacred sites journey, as well, at:

You may subscribe to our newsletters for all up to date information, or ask to be on a regional notice list.   http://thecenteroflight.net/CenterNews.html

  • Outdoor Shamanic trainings, including tours of sacred sites:
  • Return to Beauty, VT, usually annually, Karpay initiations into Peruvian mysticism
  • Temples of the Earth, Awakening the Dragon, The Seal of Solomon, outdoors with the sacred mountains and lakes of New England (forming a perfect Star Tetrahedron,) and inner Merkaba teachings
Our full program list with information on all of our programs, is available at:

Please let us know how we can assist with additional information.

Again, we look forward to seeing & working with each of you!!!
Expect a nourishing and enriching journey together....

Blessings to each of you!!
Zacciah, and Staff
The Center of Light

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies
Ascutney, VT  05030

feel free to share this with others interested in this work.

Additional specific information, for those attending the Three Mothers Practice:

Blessed Ones
I look forward to seeing you and offering practice with the many Mothers who will be with us next weekend, Beltane, in Chester VT.
For all information, including times, location, meals, and directions, on this program, see:
http://thecenteroflight.net/TheThreeMothers.html   (all general info)
(more in depth info)    http://thecenteroflight.net/TheThreeMothers.Additional.html
http://thecenteroflight.net/TheThreeMothers.html#hosts  (location, directions, meals)
Please read this mail for information regarding this practice, and things I suggest or ask of you to bring, or prepare, for this work.

After reading this mail, if you have any questions not in this mail, or in these links, please contact:
my office manager, Julie Jones
at julie@sunreed.com
or by phone, 10-5 most weekdays

Forgive me, in advance, if I am unable to respond individually, especially, to your in depth questions or comments regarding this mail.

Arrival & starting time
Plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early, to give yourself time to park, unload, walk in, find a chair, take care of personal needs, connect with friends and others, etc, before the program begins, at 12:30 PM next Saturday, May 5.
We are in a very comfortable world class conference center, with comfortable chairs and seating.  But, you may bring your own, esp if you wish floor mats, pillows, or backjacks, or blankets, etc.

Come prepared to do authentic work.
We intend to immerse deeply into the heart of the Cosmic Mother, with her many faces, her many names, and attributes.
We intend to discover, honor, and nurture more deeply, our relationship with the 3 primary aspects she presents her self through, as she who is the lifegiver, sustainer, and transformer of all life.
We intend to explore more deeply our relationship with the Feminine, in all aspects of our life, as to how we can, do, and can more readily and deeply access relationship with the Divine Feminine.  Our relationship with our genetic mothers will have a part in this exploration.
Please note, in even reading this, if your body and awareness embraces this idea, or retracts in any way, from it, as this may be a clue as to how readily, and available, the Feminine is to you, in its deepest source points of empowerment and nurturance.
It can be beneficial, before this practice, if you spend some time, in meditation, journaling, or something of this nature, as to how you perceive your relationship to the Divine Feminine, and with your own mother.
And, who do you honor as the Mother of your Spirit?
Has this even been part of your inner awareness, in your own spiritual journey?

If you have an image of your own mother
, or Divine Mother(s), please bring them, to share & honor with the community on our communal altar.  We prefer to limit image sizes to no larger than 8x10 for this purpose, but will determine if there is room or space for any larger images, should you bring them.  (These may, of course, be taken home at end of practice.)
Please keep these images with you until our opening ceremonies, in which we invite you to ceremonially bring them up and place on the altar.

Waters of The World
We will be offering the Sacred Waters of the World ceremony in our opening and closing ceremonies.
We ask, if you would like to contribute living waters to this ceremony, that you gather and bring waters from sacred places you have been, or from your own springs, brooks, and wells, in your neighborhood.
We ask that you FILTER this water, before you bring it, through a coffee filter, or similar device (paper towels in a collander can serve this purpose,) to insure you bring as little sediment or other foreign materials in the water, as possible.
In the end, you each will have a vessel of water to carry home, with all the waters from many, many sacred sites around the world, infused with our prayers and blessings, to return to use as you see fit.
We will explain the Emoto effect upon the water, in case you are not familiar with how human consciousness interacts with the consciousness of water, which holds and stores memory of our interaction with it, and homeopathetically blends with other waters, to carry that impact into the world around us.

We will have 3 large ceremonial drums in this closing ceremony.  Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in the ceremony with these drums.  However, we will not all be able to drum at the same time.  So, if you wish, you may bring your own frame drum (Native American style), or borrow one of ours.  We have a number of drums available, as well as the many instruments, CD's, books, and sacred items we bring to each program, and sell via http://www.sunreed.com, if you are not familiar with that aspect of our work.
No prior drumming or singing experience is necessary.

We will be honoring all aspects of the Divine Feminine in this practice, named and unnamed, known, and unknown.  Many names have been buried in the ancient past.  Yet, the essence of these Divine Ones live on.  We wish to honor them all.
If there are names of the Divine Feminine/Goddesses, which are important to you, you may respond to this mail and list them at the top.
IF I AM ABLE, I will incorporate them in a list of names that will be in the slide show presentation.
You may also send images you'd like to share in digital format.  And, again, IF I AM ABLE, I will incorporate them into the slide show.
Keep the subject line intact to help me keep track of these responses.

Thanks very much for this.

Time and time again, this work has proven to be in deep synchronicity with the rhythms and cycles of life, and the cosmos, meaningful at levels beyond our greatest comprehension.  We welcome you to come, enjoin with us, in this sacred work, with your own prayers and affirmations.
The vast majority of participants find the work incredibly meaningful, transformative, and life altering.
The more prepared you are to enter authentic states of transformation and insight, the more likely you are to be embraced by those very states.
We encourage you to spend time in prayer and meditation, before this practice, to call upon your own higher guidance and wisdom, teachers and allies, to be present with us, to prepare you for the greatest and most beneficial outcome to this work.
What you bring, your level of preparedness and readiness to immerse into the Heart of the Sacred Feminine, will have an impact upon you and all present.
All we ask, is that you be present, and available, for the work.
That is all that is needed. 
The rest will take care of itself.

We welcome you into this work, and look forward to seeing you, and participating with you.

There was some confusion and technical glitches with our newsletter service during our last mailing last week.
If you did not see the SECOND newsletter (2 in a row were sent), you can view it here, with more info on this and other programs, including our Sacred Sounds, Sacred Earth program in July:
  • http://thecenteroflight.net/CenterNews.html
You, also, can forward it to friends and colleagues who may have interest in participating.
We will extend the early discount given there through this Friday, April 27, at 4 PM, for those who call or use the on line link for registration, and use the code in that mail for that discount.

Many blessings in all that you do.
Zacciah Blackburn, and staff


Return to main program page and registration.

In this overall body of work, we are fundamentally 
Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth
 Re-invigorating the original matrix, or Original Instructions, for harmony with all life
embedded in each of us, at a soul level, and at a level of cellular memory,
as well as the often unused portions of our DNA matrix.

For additional information on the background of this entire series of programs  see The Great Awakening,
as well as our many Articles.
See class list for latest links to other practices
(all practices open to all participants, no pre-requisite required.)
The foundation of these programs is constantly updated from information arising from the Star Elders. Living Wisdom Keepers, & others guiding this work.  Though constantly evolving, practical exercises to enter awakened lucid states of consciousness (what is also refered to as enlightenment, or ascended states of consciousness,) will be offered, utilizing Sacred Sound, which will enhance the participants experience significantly.
These are being offered, also, at a time in deep correspondence to the Maya Calendar days of great Transformation, Awakening, and Renewal.
We are in a time when a new window of opportunity is opening for human consciousness to more readily access understanding and experience of the Unity of Creation.  This is fundamental understanding to this entire period of time, and will be specific to our practice. 
Join with us, in these sacred programs, humbly offered.
It is Time.
We wish you, all, many blessings in the Journey


Upcoming Programs
Programs are constantly being added and updated
Please see entire class list.

March, April, September, November, 2012
Programs in Vermont
 Canada, New York, Florida,  Massachusetts
Texas, North Carolina
Please see entire class list.
Peru, November 2011
11.11.11 The Gateway of Aramu Muru

           Yucatan, April, 2012
such as:
    The Tree of Life
    Sacred Sounds< Sacred Earth
Past highlighted events:
  • EGYPT: 
    • 10.10.10:  Initiations in the Halls of Orion
    • A 2 week sacred initiatory journey, Oct 2010
  • PERU:  11:11:11:  The Gateways of Ascension
HOST OUR WORK in your area (tell us your interest)
Join our Newsletter to receive updates on our programs,
articles, and special on line discounts.

Programs are constantly being added and updated
Please see entire class list.

What we invest our power in, in our own belief structure, creates the reality that we experience.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light
Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

P.O. Box 389
220 Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT  05030  USA

Phone:  (802) 674-9585
Fax:  (802) 674-9586
e-mail: info@sunreed.com


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